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Doing Difficult Things – Week 1


Hi, so I accepted Panty Parade’s offer to Stop Whining and do this 12 Step 12 Week challenge.   Stop reading if my talking about writing bores you. Wouldn’t want that.  You can entertain yourself with boobs until you see my TMI Tuesday post tomorrow.  Feel free to get comfortable, I don’t mind nipple play, those suckers are tough.

So back to Panty Parade.  See, it is pretty cool, because she is an excellent writer, and she saw that I really want to improve my writing.  Right now I need to get time to write!  And she believes that I can get some time, and accomplish my goals.

So, on to the task at hand, week 1 is where I define my writing style and map out a plan.

What kind of writer am I?

G is like your crazy girlfriend that loves to talk about sex.  I try not to embarrass you by doing it at school drop-off, but lets just say I am always willing to discuss mine and your escapades and fantasies if you are willing.  I will take you to the sex toy shop beyond city limits, and we can giggle together as I tell you what works best for me. Except I won’t admit that BIG dildo actually looks REALLY fun. Unless I know you like to be stretched too, then we can giggle about that.

See, I’m not too shy.  Since beginning a blog I’ve found writing to be fun.  Writing about sex is even more fun.  Writing about my feelings about sex is super fun, and rewarding!  Getting your feedback on my writing about feelings about sex is where its at.  And exploring my fantasies, in my mind at least, how can that be anything but fucking awesome?

I get a little bent sometimes because well, I’m open to trying to new things but I really haven’t done much.   Sure, I’ve done a whole hell of a lot compared to others, okay.  But, I am not and won’t be part of a D/s relationship, I don’t have fetishes (that I know of), I’m not single and/or a proud slut,  I’m a married woman who has a wonderful bi husband who has requested that we have threesomes with other bi men.  Whether we can do the “hot wife” thing in the future is unknown, whether we will fuck other girls is unknown, whether we will fuck another couple is unknown.  Because even though I am open to experiences I am still very picky about what/who we actually do.  And I go through insecure periods and playing with other people doesn’t help that insecurity get better.  But I can talk about insecurities if you want…yeah I didn’t think so.

I’ve always thought of myself as a creative person.  Over time it has become less and less spontaneous.  When creating becomes work I quickly avoid the triggers to my creativity.  I can sit down and write using a schedule, but it takes a lot more time and is received less affectionately than spontaneous musings.  Hopefully I get that fire back soon.

The Plan?

I sort of touched on this in the Week 0 post, but I have set some output goals for myself.  I’ve always loved making checklists and checking off tasks, so meeting the quota I set for myself will be rewarding.  Its not going to revamp that creativity though, so I’ve come up with a few other tricks.

I’m not sure if I want to write those out.  One of the articles I read for Week 2 really asks you to ponder your audience.  Who do I write for?  I know there are a lot of other bloggers that read my posts, but I’m learning about writing from them, have I anything to offer them?  Besides a glimpse at someone just really starting to form ideas of what it means to write and be a writer in some capacity? That tabula rosa writer, the bottom-up process exemplified?

Anyway… I want to write to entertain and sexually arouse people.  I feel like I do that enough but I could greatly improve, *pats on the back*.  But I don’t want to produce smut, anyone can find porn if they want it.  I want to be more than that.  A writer that takes the reader on a journey where they lose themselves and become the character, or see themselves as the narrator.  Can I do this?  We shall see I suppose!  Once I get done writing about writing I can get started on writing!

And orgasms, I need a few right about now.

26 thoughts on “Doing Difficult Things – Week 1

  1. Write to your hearts content… Not that I won’t use that Boobs link, it is always a pleasure to dream, but I enjoy your writing too.

  2. Your perspective already feels lively, real and fresh, like you’re excited to write and that’s what I get. You have an eagerness to share thoughts and I love that. I will follow along to hopefully shake off some of my own procrastinating in my “real” life. Jayne

    • Jayne, yes exactly! I was spinning my wheels for weeks asking what the fuck I was doing trying to blog, then I cut myself a break and took it for what it is: it isn’t a job or a novel I’m writing, its a personal diary, its meant to be fun and enriching. I can’t please everyone, just myself. And to please myself I need to try and succeed at improvement. Whether I hit the stats I want or not, I’m being true to myself and having fun.

      I’m glad you are here with me, in any capacity, you have always been a great support, but if I can help you at all by seeing you challenge yourself too, I would be happy. 🙂

      Thank you lovely woman!

      • Thank you so much. I have to set other goals and I’m easily distracted by writing and reading blogs. I think I put a lot more weight in words HERE because I have not said these words anywhere else. So – I always want to return and dig inside myself for intellectual answers while foregoing the simple and practical ones I should do also. I will remember your offer though! Jayne

  3. Now you’re ahead of me. I wasn’t tackling this until next week. You have a lot to offer. People come here because they enjoy your insight into sex. 🙂

  4. I come here because of your honesty and your yearning for greater understanding, a better execution of your art, and your freshness (as Jayne said). The fact that you want so badly to improve endears us all to you even though I don’t see what you see. I’ll support you along the way, though.

    Also, I know what you mean about goals. It took me 10 years to finally admit the career path that was meant for me and then I went to grad school for it. Best (and scariest) decision ever.

    • Argh! Lost my response. I wanted to say that I want to end up saying something like, “it was the scariest decision to make but I’m glad I did.”

      It’s big.

      Thank you for your compliments and feedback. I needed this focus!

  5. I look forward to all the journeys you’ll take us on!

  6. This wasnt boring at all. Entertaining AND a bit of a turn on. I appreciate your desire to write something that is engaging beyond making a person want to masturbate, or what-have-you. Nothing wrong with that of course, but from a personal perspective, I enjoy things a lot more when they also engage my mind and not just my loins. I try to write my stories that way and sometimes wonder if I lose a few because I take awhile to get to the action. I do a lot of foreplay. And once I get there the details aren’t too involved… I want the reader to put themselves into the role at that point. I’ve given them the back story and the scene (hopefully) let their imagination take care of the rest. Perhaps I put too much of my own preferences into how I write but isn’t it about staying true to yourself? Besides once you find an audience that enjoys your stories because they are a part of you, you’re going to feel like the cat’s ass! Bee’s knees? Well, just fucking awesome, how’s that?

    Best of luck! xo

  7. Oh G! What fun we’re going to have on this journey. I’m so glad you have joined us!

    • Thank you for inviting me along! I’m already having fears that I won’t meet my stat goals and that I will burn out. But I can do this, if I fail I can do that too, nothing to fear, just room to grow.

  8. You certainly do have a lot to offer us Silly!

    Part of me wants to say, “No plans, no calendars. Just stay spontaneous and let your words fly out of you when they are ready.” On the other hand, maybe there has to be a sort of work element in writing. i would like to improve my writing (and myself as well!) but I seem to fade in and out of my blogging experience. I’m afraid that if I put too much pressure on myself, the words will dry up, yuno?

    Excellent post.


    • I know exactly what you mean! Forcing myself to create this time, without it taking away from kids (or without frustrating me when they interrupt me) has been really hard, and I’m only three days into the new attitude. I want both, a free flow of words or pictures, but that free flow had stopped already. Perhaps forcing change will ignite something. Maybe it won’t. I could learn I’m better when I post once a week. We will see, 🙂 12 weeks is a long time!

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  10. You rock G, that’s all there is to it. Great job on week 1!

    It seems that if I force myself to write regularly, I feel as though my creative ebbs and flows, sometimes there and sometimes not. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy. But it doesn’t seem to matter once it’s down, one’s not necessarily better than another. *shrugs* And I must say that although I know it’s important to write for your audience, I write for me first and foremost. I do it because I’m compelled to do so. If nobody read what I wrote, I’d still write it. *hugs and kisses*

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