filled and fooled


Friday, April 26th, is Boobday!


I am joining in for another Boobday!

I thought it would be fun to share a photo of myself from this past weekend.  Some water-drinking-cleavage-flashing:


My husband took this, I sort of remember doing it.

And it wouldn’t be Boobday if I didn’t flash you a little more here in private, because it is fun:


Nipples begging for pinching and pulling and licking and sucking


Join me in appreciating all the lovely warm fleshy mounds that were submitted this week to Hyacinth at A Dissolute Life Means…


Sorry for yet another accidental post published yesterday.  My phone app is horrible. 

17 thoughts on “Friday, April 26th, is Boobday!

  1. Hubby is quite the photographer in my book!

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  3. Yummy! xxx

  4. I once wrote a whole post about how much I love women who flash men, just because they know how much it means to us. Thank you, from all men.

  5. oh girl…. The things you to do me. 🙂

  6. Beautiful, as always babe. Sad I missed this week. *hugs and titty kisses*

  7. Water-drinking-cleavage-flashing rules!
    You’re perfect!

    • I think I might need to get a few more “real life” pictures like that, because even if the lighting or the curve of my cleavage isn’t “perfect” to me, it still shows that I’m fun in real life too.

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