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coffee at night


7:15pm: on my way out from tucking the kids into bed, I pass my cute husband in the hall.  He blocks me, wants a kiss.  I give him a quick one and he questions me, “where you off to in such a hurry?”

I smile and say, “I want coffee!” I push past him and head to the kitchen where my french press has been enveloping the soupy coffee-water mixture for far too long. I press down on the plunger and sniff the air as my coffee is extracted above the pressed grounds.   I pour the dark brown liquid into my favorite mug, a “WTF” mug stolen from D. I add the splash of almond milk and dash of sweetener and saunter to the living room to sit down on the couch with my mug, phone and sweetie.

8:00pm: the second cup has allowed me to unwind and rejoice in the day’s activities.  Four hours at the creek with several groups of friends had followed a brisk mid-morning walk that exercised my body and mind.  As I waded in the shallow almost-freezing water of the creek the kids downed trees like beavers and floated on the logs through the deepest channel, using fallen branches as oars.  It was an afternoon of lounging in the sun then shade, then sun again, however not relaxing as it sounds because I am always on high alert when it comes to kids and water. Yet another split of my attention more ways than I can cope with energetically. Yet another example of an activity that sounds fun in theory but ends up being hard work for mommy.

8:15pm:  I feel so antsy! Why isn’t this weed making me feel calm?Maybe I need to smoke more. What is on TV besides this, wait, this is good. Is that a kid getting up? No, it is the cat drinking out of the toilet.

8:30pm:  Wow, I feel kind of unfulfilled right now.  What is going to take this feeling away? Sex? Yes, sex.  Mmmm, I can feel how much I need it right now.  I hope D gets home soon.

9:00pm:  I should make a move, I really need my pussy played with right now.  Smoke more, feel calm 5 minutes.

9:30pm:  “Well, do you want to go to bed?”

At that point I’m not sure why we didn’t after I asked, I think my attention turned elsewhere, as did his.  OH! I forgot to tell you all that we are seeking new partners for fun and play.  So yes, we were discussing our CL responses to the ad we placed and the the ads we responded to.  Hopefully I will have some new escapades to blog about soon.  Just to give you a hint, there might be two vaginas in the story (but I’m sure they won’t be referred to as such.)

10:00pm:  “Can you take me to bed?”

I’m rubbing my pussy on the couch, next to D and he doesn’t seem to notice, even when I ask that question.  The coffee has me amped like a mother fucker.  I don’t feel communicative though, but I feel an achy cunt! A need to be pounded, fingers or cock, or anything please! Yet, I can’t directly tell him, I just want him to carry me to the bed.  He can’t read my mind!

10:30pm: “Going to bed.”

He asks if it was an invitation for sex.  It was, but then, something happened and I can’t explain it.  I lay there tossing and turning.  Feeling tired, lost the urges and didn’t care.  D lays next to me and I drift to sleep.

12:00am: D wakes me up to tell me he can’t fall asleep.

12:30am: D wakes me up again to tell me that he can’t fall asleep, I’m moaning too loud.

12:45am: D tells me I’m still moaning too loud, he can’t sleep.  I tell him to go eat some cereal and throw in some mini marshmallows.  “You need some sugar to make your body sleep.” I tell him with full sleep-induced dietary expertise.

1:00am:  D comes to bed?  I’m not sure at this point, but I feel like I was probably disturbed at that point for some reason.

2:30am:  Oh my god what is that bright fucking red light? Why does my alarm clock burn my eyes that sinister motherfucker? It is only 2:30am, am I going to be up now forever? I don’t feel like I rested at all!

4:00am:  I guess I fell back to sleep before? I hear a weird sound, it is D’s nose and throat as he sleeps deeply and calmly and adorably next to me.

5:00am:  Wow, I just realized that neither child woke up all night, what is wrong? Is something wrong? Oh, it is the coffee I drank.  I really should post about this.  Yes, people are going to need to know that you shouldn’t drink coffee past 7:00pm.  Perfect blog topic.

6:00am:  Oh shit, I didn’t think I would have fallen back asleep before but here it is time to get up.  I feel WONDERFUL!!  I heated the last cup I left out overnight (coffee snobs, I know I lost you before this point, but I apologize anyway) in the microwave (*waves hi to Pixie*) and I’m so ready for the day.

Boobday is tomorrow!! I’m toying with a few ideas but I’m not sure I can get them to Hyacinth in time.  If not, maybe I will submit my first Sinful Sunday photo this weekend? I guess this is to say, check back soon!!  Bye now.



23 thoughts on “coffee at night

  1. Sinful Sunday yess!!!! I am in withdrawal from your luscious boobies. xxx

    • Xxx well, I would never want to cause you any discomfort so I better set up my photo shoot. 😉

      • I’m thinking about Boobday for tomorrow as well, so perhaps I should follow suit get my camera ready. xxx

        • Oops, might have a comment issue here. I was going to say that my Canon did not make me happy today. Editing my photos is making me mad because I ended up using my phone editing apps anyway. And I’m just not loving the way I adjusted the aperture. Cloudy day gave me no natural light, I set up lamps, but no…damn… well I might just post anyway. I hope you do!!

  2. Glad you woke up feeling WONDERFUL! 🙂

    Happy Boob Day, in advance! 😀

  3. “Yes, people are going to need to know that you shouldn’t drink coffee past 7:00pm. Perfect blog topic.”

    I am laughing so hard my sides hurt!

  4. I loved the 2:30am post. Literally laughed out loud. This post is the perfect example of why I read you – you are a real person that has real thoughts, issues, sex, etc. Makes me feel like I’m not alone, which is worth more to me than a lot of things. Thanks!

    • Aww, Beatnik! Thank you so much!! You are not alone, not at all! And I’m glad to know I’m not alone, too.

      Although I think you might be the coffee snob I thought I lost at the french press sentence. Cafe Bustelo is my favorite, cheap cheap cheap but delicious

      • I’m a beer snob and a coffee whore, so you didn’t lose me at all! I’ve heated up coffee in the microwave plenty of times, but nothing beats a fresh cup. I’d love to have a French press but sadly don’t. Friends of mine are strict pressies. I do the “grind and brew” thing (mainly because that’s what I got), choosing a medium roast that’s fairly local. Though I love exotic flavors in coffee, like cayenne.

  5. Love this!

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  7. hahahha at the coffee snob remark… I guess i am coffee snob because I cringed as soon as I read it. lol 🙂


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