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TMI Tuesday 4/9/13


I’ve been sitting here at the keyboard trying to write a post for about an hour.  I have 36 drafts going and for some reason I can’t find my post this morning.  But I follow the TMI Tuesday blog, and I’ve never done a TMI Tuesday post, so why the hell not?  I need something to get me going today. *Kiss*

If, Ands, and Butts

1. If you had a magic beauty wand, what would you give yourself?
a. Shinier hair, hands down.
b. Glowing, soft skin–pass the moisturizer dude.
c. Brighter eyes, with no crows feet—I want to look less tired.
d. Nada. I love what I’ve got.

Interesting, I think my hair is pretty shiny already, and my skin is pretty dewy and soft, and I don’t have crow’s feet yet and my brown eyes might need to be brighter but that would look weird. So, I happily pick “d.”

2. If you were spring cleaning your life what five things would you throw out?

I wouldn’t throw out much, but I have spring cleaning and then a yard sale to do.  I need to sell stuff the kids have outgrown and baby furniture (hubby you better get that V soon).  Not much else.  Moving in the recent past had given us the ability to purge all unnecessary items. I’m not one to hold on to things for meaning, I let go of objects quite easily.

If I might make this a self-reflective exercise (I’m in that mood), I would throw away my bad eating habits.  I would throw away my need to check the stats and notification pages for this blog twenty times a day.  I would throw away writer’s block. I would throw away jealousy and fear.  I would throw away the TV (then I would dig it out of the trash when I need the kids to zone for 30 minutes.)

3. If money were no object, what kind of house would you buy?

Just one house, huh?  I wish I could spread the wealth over 4 or 5 smaller houses all in different areas of the world.  Okay, think… I’m very fond of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Mature Organic Style”.  Size or amenities don’t really matter as long as nature, peaceful nature, is worked in. And I do want to be close to family or a major airport.

4. Have you ever visited an erotic massage parlor AND had a “happy ending”?

No, but a stripper massaged my breasts on stage in Tijuana, Mexico many years ago.

Bonus: Using the handy chart, what is your butt type, spanked or not?


(click to enlarge)

I don’t see my butt much. Every time I try to see my booty head-on I turn away, for some reason. And like a great blogger once probably said, “it is hard to take selfie ass pics.”  Shhh, I didn’t figure out my self timer until a few weeks ago!

Oh by the way! I encourage anyone wanting to look at beautiful photos of asses, tits, cocks, backs, fronts, toys, stuff, and lots of other fun things to visit the Sinful Sunday posts. Just click that link and it should take you to Molly’s blog and the Sinful Sunday post.

Oh yes, my answer: I guess, for the not spanked I have a”Heart”, or maybe a “Hot Tamale.”  For the spanked it would be the “Biased” because I like it more on one side so I feel a difference between them afterward.

Proof of it being hard to take ass pics:


(I realize it is hard to compare this photo to the chart above, butt um, I still wanted to share.)

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

36 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday 4/9/13

  1. Is that a little coffee dribble I see? 😉

  2. Ps.

    I realize it is hard to compare this photo to the chart above, butt um, I still wanted to share.

    Exactly. Your butt is above and beyond comparison. 🙂

  3. I loved the chart and adored your derriere! I would like to see a photo of your freshly spanked butt to compare to the chart. In the name of science of course. (I feel like it’s always science when you’re using a chart. Or math.)

  4. Nice booty shot, lady. 😉
    Also, FUN answers. I love q&a.

    • Thank you! It’s a great way to break free from writers block, that’s for sure. I couldn’t get 100 words out until the prompt popped in my mind.

      And thank you for the compliment, kisses!

  5. Friday Frontal and Tuesday Tush – fantastic!

    • Womb Wednesday where I diagram my uterus and Throaty Thursday where I show my neck? Monday is proving difficult…Mystery Monday where you have to figure out the body part?

      Help me out with some better ones?

      • Oh i sorta like that, what body part is this LOL PC once sent me a picture of his elbow… took me a few minutes to figure out just what it was. I just enjoy your creativity, even though you suffer from getting it all out, when you do it is always a pleasure!

  6. I used to share photos of myself, but stopped for many reasons. Maybe I’ll make an exception soon.

    • Mixed feelings on it right? Risky for one, because there are identifying features. But fun to read responses, fun to get the “oh shit I just did that” feeling (like Hy mentions). It does take some of the mystery out, maybe some people were thinking I was some woman with huge knockers for my frame, but nope, I carry my curves proportionately well.

      I have a few parts I probably will hide from the blog, my toes being one, they are just not pretty like a lot of other women’s. But we all have our things. I think you should post more pics, I know you are sinfully gorgeous. 🙂

  7. I love your answers!!! And cute booty! Although I should say it needs few spanks; what a lovely pink it would turn 😉 . By the way, I participated for the very first time in Sinful Sunday. Posting a naughty photo is sooo fun! Me thinks I will do it again…xxx

  8. Ditto what everyone said!!!!

  9. Loved this post ❤ Very cute butt 🙂 Love your long hair too.

  10. Butt shots are so hard to do! Well done! Nice bottom, btw 😉 Xx Hy

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