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Friday, April 5th, is Boobday!



I think this button is hot! Press it to find out more about Boobday!

Yawn, stretch, mmmm good morning, what a lovely Boobday!

Friday is the day;  Hyacinth hosts Boobday, a weekly exhibition of bodacious breasteses of all lovely shapes and sizes.  Such a gathering of loveliness that my chest swells with joy.   I happily submitted a photo, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to have my tits join the crew.   To see this week’s Boobday post, click the button above or click here!

This week I’m going to post two different photos.  Last week LSAM submitted a stunning photo of her wet tits in a tank top.  After posting a comment on her blog I agreed to post a pic of wet tank top titties this week here.  So this first one is for her:


I stood in the biting rain to make my tank top wet

sun bound by thick clouds cast soft shadows

off my florid nipples and puckered areola


And part two:

I was standing in line at the grocery store a few days ago and noted the current cover photo of Elle was similar to a photo I had taken in anticipation of last week’s Boobday.  Fine, I mean I wore a black leather jacket with a zipper and so did she, and we both had a camera capture an image, that might be where the similarities end…  Last week I found a better top to use last minute, as you might remember *wink*,  but since Nicki Minaj is looking so hot on the racks this month I’m going to put my photos up too (solidarity my round-breasted sister):



How about we pretend the green light cast is from a neon “OPEN” sign in the window of the dive bar I’m standing in.

I spotted him easily when I had returned from the bathroom.  Distinct in his cool manner of amiable superiority; he helped the DJ break down his equipment swiftly, never breaking the conversation.   They had momentarily glanced over at me when they heard my heels coming their way, but continued to discuss the plans not noticing that I had stopped walking just as I reached the warped wood of the old dance floor.


As the zipper began its slow decent revealing the creamy velvet absence of undergarments, the men stopped talking with haste, and stood still enough to hear the zzzzzzzzzzzip.


“So we are going to do this here, then?”  My husband asked, his voice trailing up at the end of the question, signifying his reluctance.

“Yes” was my answer.  I continued to peel the jacket off.  (To see nipples click the pic above.)

25 thoughts on “Friday, April 5th, is Boobday!

  1. DAMN, G!!! Nikki Minaj has got *shit* on you! I’d take your sexy ass over hers any day! xx Hy

  2. This is a great way to start off a Friday morning – coffee in hand, boobs on the screen – lovely!

  3. Those look amazing. I especially love the one in your tank top. I just love when you can see a woman’s hard nipples through her clothing, mmm…

  4. I’m with Hy – DAMN! And WAY better than Nikki. Of course the rainy t-shirt is fantastic as well. Stunning. I love your little anecdotes btw.

  5. Umm… I think you should be on the cover of Elle, too. 🙂

  6. hehe. *giggle* You make me so happy ff! GORGEOUS pics! omg, I love them all!! *hugs and kisses and titty nuzzle*

  7. I have a magnet attached to my tongue for those nipples, G. Beware if we were to ever meet; you have been warned… 😉 xxx

  8. I’m a little late. I’m sooooo sorry! I know I promised you that I’d contribute to the Friday boob day on my blog

    Well, my boobs are there now! Have fun playing with them.

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  11. Reblogged this on filled and fooled and commented:

    Wet Tits from a year ago. I’m planning this week’s boobday pics right now.

  12. I love the leather jacket pics. Fantastic idea, and you composed it so well. Timer or H taking the pics?
    Makes my hands itch, staring at these pics of your gorgeous tits.

    • Thank you so much JK, this was one of the first sets I used my timer on. I stacked a bunch of things on the bed to make it work.

      Like I said, and I hope hubby reads this, I would love to be your model for the day/night/etc. Just let us know when. 🙂

      • Can you handle my intense visual consumption of your body? Every bit of it? Nothing hidden? No inhibitions?
        Can he watch that happen.

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