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Serendipity, Synchronization, or Parasympathetic Happenstance?


First, I know that Parasympathetic Happenstance is a term I made up on the fly, trying to resolve one of those aphasia-like experiences a friend was having, where he knew there is a word to describe what was happening, but he just can’t find the right word.  I had to throw it out there to him, then I looked it up and it actually does mean something.  I do tend to get myself in trouble trying to use big words, but it is all in fun and my effort to connect on a different adult level.

Anyway, last Friday the thing he was trying to describe happening to him, well it happened to me in a way.  You know how I like to do “Finger Me Friday” every two weeks?  Maybe you don’t because I’ve only done it twice now.  And I don’t think I ever explained that I chose that name for it because all my pictures you can click through, and find a little more skin showing or something a little different.  Get it, you use your finger to click the mouse on the picture, therefore you are fingering me on a Friday? … sigh.

So last Friday I was delaying publishing my Finger Me Friday post so I could do another edit, and hanging with my spring-breakers, but then I get a notification on my phone that the very lovely Hyacinth at A Dissolute Life Means had published a post deeming Friday to henceforth be named “Boobday”! Boobs are great and should be celebrated, awesome idea!  But at that moment I had a rush of mixed emotions that led me to quickly delete my own post.  You see, I really had wanted to open up the Finger Me Friday to everyone but I was so shy to do it until Friday’s post.  Lesson learned, just do it if I want to and don’t wait until next week or the week after…

I should have (I can say now with certainty) just kept my post, linked back to hers, and called it a day.  You should click that link above to go to her post if you haven’t already, it was delicious!  I will join this week for March 29th’s Boobday.

So, on to my last Finger Me Friday post, a few days late:

I was in a chilly and blue kind of mood this past week, even though it was spring break for my kids and the surrounding student population.  In an effort to get into a vacation happy mode, even though we were staying in town, I tried on a few dresses that I wore last summer.  My problem with this dress is that I can’t wear a bra underneath.  I see my boobs hanging lower, but maybe my nipples should be my focus:

Blue Dress1

Yes, it is a little chilly still to wear that dress, maybe in another month or two.

It is officially spring here and above the beautiful blooming bulbs and the wildflowers spreading like wildfires the orchards are already dropping their delicate petals. The beauty of them falling like snowflakes as the gusts of wind billow up the rows of old nut trees just takes my breath away.  Every time I drive by the long rows of mystical trees, I dream of laying on a blanket in the middle and being covered in the petals as they fall.  I imagine feeling them lightly tickle my face, get trapped in my hair, pool in my cleavage.  It would feel like I’m being baptized in spring.  I think it would make a lovely photo.

Even though I accept that this spring brings a chance to sprout regrowth I still strongly long for warmer weather.  I want those days and nights where minimal clothes give comfort rather than causing me to run for the only bolt of sunlight in a park, or for the blanket after dark.  But for now, I will stick with long-sleeve shirts:

too small white shirt

Except you can’t really see this is long sleeve. Oh well, it is BOOBS!!!

Big tight hugs,


32 thoughts on “Serendipity, Synchronization, or Parasympathetic Happenstance?

  1. Thank you for the post and the smile…..

  2. Aw, G, I’m so sorry I rained on your parade!! There’s no reason Finger Me Friday and Boobday can’t happily coexist! (Except I have no clue how to do the click through thing!)

    Send me your FMF link on Thursday before Boobday and I’ll include it!

    And baptism by Spring sounds amazing…

  3. I love that you share. Not just the photos of your lovely self but also your struggles and triumphs. Hy is remarkable at it as well, and I really can’t get enough of that real talk. Or whatever you want to call it.

    Honestly I didn’t get the Finger Me Friday thing, but I’m perpetually horny and saw the title and simply thought “don’t mind if I do!” Then to be rewarded with a behind the scenes view (no pun intended)? Doesn’t get much better. Now that I’m “in the know” I think the title is brilliant. Wish I had the brains to figure it out on my own 😉

    • In glad you admitted to not getting it at first, I really should have explained it more, haha! Thank you though, I wanted to be innovative and keep people “filling in the blanks” and I think I might owe a bit more words at times.

      Thank you for your pic comments, I can’t reply to those directly in the click throughs, weird. But I love your compliments, always making me hungry for more 😉

      • I simply might not have gotten it based on me being stuck on the thought/request that you made with your title. I feel like I’m the master of wanting people to fill in the blanks, but wonder if they really ever do. I don’t think you need to reply to my comments on the pics, I just wanted to make sure you knew that I saw them and appreciated them. No further action needed.

  4. By all means, be proud of the nipples, dear! A little droop is just a sign of experience.
    I am sure I am not by any means the only one who would wish you (and dear Hy, for that matter) would just accept that you are beautiful and well worthy of admiration and praise.
    Thank you SO much for sharing!

    • Thank YOU so much, admittedly there was a bit more sway in my steps after posting today. I do enjoy the attention and compliments (which probably translates to me avoiding acceptance of certain things as you mention.) 🙂

      You are very welcome though.

  5. “Boobs are great and should be celebrated”

    I’m sorry, fandf, but you could have just stopped here and you would have gained applause from your male readers.

  6. I want to post pictures of my boobs now. There are a couple of glitches, I’m afraid. First, Salt-n-Pepper and I went at it again this weekend, and so I’m completely bruised from his biting. (He’s a beast!) and second, my boobs just wouldn’t show as well as yours, dear. You have AMAZING breasts! I love your pics. I have breast envy for sure.

    • You are too sweet, these funbags? Whatever you say sexy… First, I would think the bruises give your tits an even sexier edge, like those breasts have stories to tell! Second, what I said above, I think no comparisons are made and the more boobies the better, right? Join in Friday, please?

      • I will. I promise. And I will write about how when Journey sings, Salt-n-Pepper chimes in about finger fucking in 7th grade. That’s the image their songs give him. Crazy fuck. Anyway, I think I can write something that sufficiently fits both themes.

  7. So glad you’re joining in Friday 🙂 And keep up FMF!!! Why only every 2 weeks?!?

  8. Hey you, have any hints about what inspired part of that post I wrote last night? Sound familiar? 😉

    Do what you want, when you want – beholden to no one and nobody’s expectations matter but your own. Look at what Hy said, that pretty much confirms it, eh?

    Moody? Bah. That’s a weasel answer – I suspect your hose broke and no caffeine for your morning constitutional… 😉

    • Are you saying you think I was constipated on this very same post where my lovely breasts are bared along with my intimate meanderings over feelings of inadequacy and the coming spring? Well fuck, you called it Dave, I can’t hide anything from your astute eyes…and I will say noore to taint my pretty post. Ha!

  9. What can I say except “THANK YOU”?

  10. *Lick lips*… Sorry I seems to be always doing that with your tit pics. 🙂
    Great shots.

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