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Finger Me Friday – Embracing Curves


Dangerous Curves Ahead

Hope this doesn't make me want to crawl into a hole to hide

To all the women out there reading this, if you feel shy or embarrassed about your body, stop.  You were given your body for a reason, now work it!

I’ve posted photos of myself on this blog several times before, but I’ve never exposed this part of my body.  My midsection.  I can’t help but to appreciate this body that bore my children, my wide hips that made birthing possible, my soft skin that cuddles them when they need it, but I never loved it.  Today, I love my body, and all of my dangerous curves.



P.S. My blogcation continues, see you next week.

27 thoughts on “Finger Me Friday – Embracing Curves

  1. Love your body, love yourself – all of you. And, dammit, come back soon,G.

  2. Lovely outfit, gorgeous body! I really enjoy your current perspective on your body, keep it up!

  3. Beautiful outfit!

  4. You put a modern spin on Hot Mama! …and a loving one too!

    • Thank you Jayne! They really are my world and I love them so! For how hard it can be at times, it is exponentially more interesting and joyful and exciting and amazing and of course rewarding. Thank you for helping to keep my perspective on these things that matter so much. 🙂

  5. Only a recent follower, but my thought is you have nothing to hide… Lovely. I too hope you make it back, I’ve been enjoying catching up…

  6. I dream of saying “I love my body,” and really meaning it. You are beautiful!


    • Oh Dawn, you are so sweet. I dream of that for you, too! Thank you so much!

      Push through those self doubts, I have seen at least one photo of you (on your blog) and I KNOW how gorgeous you are. Give yourself the gift that only you can give, love all of you. I know, easier said than done…


  7. woah hotness!!!!
    its not the outfit actually, but I do like it, it’s actually your confidence in this entry!
    I adore a woman that loves and appreciates herself.

  8. Nice clothes… They look great on you. On both sides 🙂

  9. Gorgeous!
    In fact, you’re perrfect!

  10. Loving your outfit…
    Loving your curves…
    Loving your post. 🙂

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