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Dear Wifey,


My wonderful husband wanted to take some time out of his day yesterday to write me this letter.  I’m more touched reading it the second and third times, he rocks, I love him so.  We thought it would be nice to share it here to clear up any questions anyone might have.. 

Dear Wifey,
Let me begin by simply saying …
I Love you.
The Past 48 hours since I accidentally discovered this blog have been an emotional roller coaster. Betrayal, Understanding, Anger, Pride, Regret, Arousal, Hurt, Lucky, Suspicious, Sadness, and Confusion are just a few of thoughts and feelings I have had, often all at the same time. 
I feel Betrayed…
Because you decided to keep this a secret from me, your husband,  for over 5 months of our life together.
I feel Understanding…
Because you deserved an outlet for all of the new emotions and experiences you and I have been sharing together.
I feel Angry…
Because through reading the blog, I learned that the “emotional affair” that you mentioned in the dear husband post did not end when you told me it ended, but instead continued for at least another month, and you lied to my face when asked about it.
I feel Proud…
Because I am so proud of what you have accomplished and how you have built this for yourself, you are an excellent writer.
I feel Regret…
Because I must not have done enough to create a healthy space where you could tell me about this.
I feel Aroused…
Because  we have had some amazing experiences, and your retelling of them is very descriptive and very very HOT!
I feel Hurt…
Because the woman I love didn’t trust me enough to let me share in her success and passion.
I feel Lucky…
Because so many people are trapped in loveless, sexless marriages, unappreciated and unfulfilled, and my biggest problem is that my hot sexy wife had a secret blog where she told the world about our amazing sex life!!
I feel Suspicious…
Because I wonder what else have you not told me, or if you have any other emotional affairs happening with your readers or other bloggers.
I feel Sadness…
Because the woman I love suffered in solitude for months, feeling guilty and sneaky when she didn’t need to.
I feel Confused…
Because part of my brain is telling me that months of deceit and lies are unacceptable in a marriage, but the rest of my brain is telling me that you deserved something that is just yours, independent of me.
But most of all, I feel…
I love you more than you will ever know. Usually in Marriage or dating, people develop only Romantic Love.  Love with Conditions.  It is safer because it has a limit that you can set.  “If you do x, y or z, I will stop loving you.”
But what I feel for you has evolved over the past 12 years into something more like unconditional love.  The kind of love where you know deep down that no matter what this person puts you through, you will always love them.  That is usually reserved for ones parents, children, pets, etc.  It is scary because it can give the other person a license to repeatedly hurt you, if they know you will love them no matter what.  That is why I may seem insecure or controlling; because I know I won’t ever stop loving you, so I feel a need to protect myself.
Now I have laid it out there, and you know exactly how I feel.  I am so proud of you, and I hope that you are still able to express yourself the same way, knowing that I will likely read the posts from time to time. 
You are my Goddess
You are my Best Friend
You are my Lover
You are my Wife
You are your own Woman
You are an amazing Mother
You are Strong
You are Smart
You are Sexy
You are G
And I am yours.


34 thoughts on “Dear Wifey,

  1. wonderful! I do so love it when a person can express how they feel, instead of accusing and… oh this is just so nice, good on him and of course good on you!

  2. This is beautiful.. Its lovely to see how much he completely loves you. thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

  3. Wow! I think he shares your excellent writing skills! Beautiful letter, so complete and all encompassing. Happy that you are happy…

  4. I can’t even convey how your husband’s letter touched me. You both are very lucky to have each other. His ability to say those things so eloquently, honest and loving is a testament to everything good in a person. It made me teary because it was so heartfelt and honest and so supportive, even in his anger. I hope you two stay this “healthy” so you only grow more in love as the years go by – and what examples you are to the children you parent. They may be able to find great partner themselves because you two can show them how love CAN stay alive. much love to you both – wow

  5. Congratulations. Love always is supposed to win.

  6. Wow, this is totally amazing. I guess congratulations are in order!

  7. A very gracious response in trying circumstances.
    I hope you come out stronger with one another. It is a hard road for both of you, but don’t miss this opportunity to make things better than they were three days ago.

  8. Great husband. And honest speaking about his feelings. I don’t necessarily agree that love is forever, but I’m sure you guys have still more decades of passion to come 🙂

  9. He is a keeper! I’m glad this turned into a positive thing.

    You should probably post pictures of him nude. I ask this for the ladies reading, of course.

  10. Hubby is very keen. I like that a lot. Some of his points hit home for me… I need to be more like him. Good work! Cheers

  11. You are lucky to have each other.

  12. You already know this but I just feel like saying…what an awesome husband! Being able to share your blog will probably bring you even closer together.


  13. Great post.
    I am so happy for you.. for you both. 🙂 May you continue to grow and love each other.

  14. You have been blessed, young lady.

  15. I’m sorry in being so late to read this; but I am happy for you! I think that sometimes the things we fear only hold a fearful quality because we gave it that power. But without this, perhaps you wouldn’t have grown as much if he knew about this blog from the beginning. Special husbands are hard to find, aren’t they? 🙂 xxx

  16. that was really beautiful. you two clearly have a deep connection, and you’re lucky to have each other

    he’s quite the writer too, maybe you should have him as a guest blogger more often 🙂

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