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Inspiration AND Finger Me Friday


The past few weeks I haven’t wanted to take photos of myself.  I think it is important to do it: it makes you appreciate certain things, note what you should flaunt, feel sexy.  I wasn’t feeling the same positives, just focusing on the negatives (I know I have curves and I love and accept them).  I know times like these come and go for me, so I waited it out.  The perfect inspiration came a few days ago.   In J.K.’s Keep Talking post a woman was asked to wear a white button-down shirt over a white bra as she met with a man for the first time.  They were just going to have coffee and document the meeting with photos.  She eventually is unbuttoned, and asked to take her bra off.  You should click on that link up there to read.  Please?

Self photography is challenging

Self photography is challenging

I realized that I needed a photographer, self-timer on my phone camera wasn’t going to cut it.  I kept moving, and that made my breasts shift in my too-small bra.  But I kept trying.

At that point I should have taken the bra off!

In his story, his model was also asked to bring a white tank top.  I have one of those too!   So I gave it a try:

tiny dots

This was fun, pulling down the top to expose my pretty white bra.  In the original I’m blowing a kiss and my eyes are dark and mysterious.

And of course I had to take a little naughtier one, I’m a good girl, yes I am:

Finger Me Friday 1

So do you wonder what “Finger Me Friday” means?


EDITED: I had taken out a few photos on the click-throughs that showed a bit too much face.  But I didn’t want broken links there either, so I just added a few hidden photos.  I’m not sure how long I will keep this post up, I like compliments but its also a little scary knowing these images can spread beyond this point.  I hope that doesn’t happen…

50 thoughts on “Inspiration AND Finger Me Friday

  1. Wasn’t his story hot!!!
    And yes, you could be that girl, in fact I am imagining it right now… 🙂

    Delicious pics. Your sexy tits make me envious. 🙂

  2. Loved that story too – and beautiful pictures Ms FilledandFooled. J

  3. Well, if Finger me Friday is an invitation…no brainer. I mean c’mon. Like, duh. 😉

  4. Hey, I read that story too (that’s guy’s not half bad), but in it the girl ends up with bra off and shirt totally unbuttoned. I kept scrolling down in your post but I only got to these comments. What happened to the rest of the post?

  5. Your click-on-my-pictures pictures. Are they all taken by you? Including the bananas??

  6. Great photos! Inspiration and imagination… very cool

  7. As you know, I’m a new follower but I haven’t regretted a minute of it. Nice to “meet” you! Very sexy!

  8. Awesome pics!

  9. These words – “I wasn’t feeling the same positives, just focusing on the negatives (I know I have curves and I love and accept them). I know times like these come and go for me, so I waited it out.”

    These times do come and go for me too. My worst is how with some photos, I can look great in them, and others (the majority!) I look too awful. Then I am ready to cut my wrists (figuratively).

    And in case you still don’t know it, from all the comments above, you are sexy, your dark hair is beautiful, your chin is lovely, your body language is very provocative.

    • Thank you SoG, I took a lot of photos to get those few so I definitely commiserate. Editing is really helpful sometimes; you can crop out parts that don’t look as good, you can change the highlighting on assets, etc.

      I’m not saying post on your blog, because I’m not sure if you want that yet, but play around with the camera, its fun 😉

  10. A very teasing post. Well done.

  11. GREAT SHOTS!! !
    As for your blogging future, stick to your comfort level otherwise you’ll lose all passion for writing and that would be a disaster!

  12. dammit. now i’m hard. hope you’re happy.

  13. Ah G!
    I am so happy to have made your acquaintance! Emotional and arousing writing and pics, you have a new devoted fan!
    You might want to ask Hubby to be your photographer. He obviously is smitten by your charms. And he knows and loves those dangerous curves. Maybe that would help you to see how beautiful and sexy you truly are.

    • Hi there! Thank you for making it over my way, I’m so pleased by your comment. He would be my photographer but we have a hard time agreeing on the images afterward. I’m pretty particular….although I’m trying to lighten up so maybe it is time to play photo shoot again soon. Thank you!

  14. man, those boobs are so fantastic! I’d so wanna get lost in them for a while… 😉

    • I grew em all by myself! I didn’t know they were nice until I started showing them off online, hehe. Thank you, something tells me that I would not mind you getting lost in them one bit.

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