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Chasing Memories in a Parking Lot


Stepping into the parking lot made her feel omnipotent.  She had seen his eyes before she turned to leave; his smile lines diminished rapidly, a very thrown man’s expression appeared.  He had such an endearing wide-eyed amazement, it was now forever imprinted on her memory.

This was not expected of her.

She walked swiftly to her car, peep toes splashing through puddles.  The downpour threatened to overcome her as she pressed unlock in a frenzied burst of three.  After swinging the door open and sliding in the car she started feeling some calm clarity. She leaned back against the seat in her safe haven.  Her salty tears now felt warm against her cheeks as they mingled with the raindrops that had sprinkled her anguished face seconds before.  She forced a smile now, hoping tears of joy mix with tears of loss, as they drip from the corners of her eyes.  Joyfully confident is how she should feel; she had made the realization that she deserved better treatment.  She did something about it.

Except…as she sat holding the steering wheel tightly and watching the rain pour down her cracked windshield, she realized that last week she had enjoyed that deprivation.  Remembering how she waited in the car, topless,  in this very parking lot.  Feeling lustful as she waited for him to come down,  she pushed her lace panties into her slit, and pulled them up and down the length of her pussy several times.  She then paused a moment to test the sensations in her erect clit by pushing on it like a button, causing her to squirm, a gush of wetness pooled on the leather seat under her.  She lifted her skirt and snapped four photos, impetuously texting them to him.  Anxiously anticipating the pride he would feel, that pride that she was his girl.  She imagined him walking up to the car behind her, rock hard erection strained by his jeans, swinging the door open in haste and sliding in next to her.  The he would rip his pants down, pull her panties aside and ram away.  However, upon his arrival he only had three words for her as he slipped into the driver’s seat.  A genius at always leaving her wanting more, he whispered “you are amazing.”

She will miss it.

Parking lots will always be a reminder of the first time they came together.  A long six months of talking before ever touching led to electrifying sex on the hood of her car one sunny day.  It was the only way it could have been done;  the passion was so hot that only open air fucking would do, only being bent over the front of the car would be right.  She smiled as the picture faded back into her memory.

She drove home in silence, focused only on the sound of the rain diving at her through the glass and the rhythmic swish of the wipers.  As she walked in the door of her house,  she threw her keys on the side table and stripped off her coat in a flurry, letting it fall to the floor.  Her heels pummeled the old boards with vehemence,  steps surely the old lady downstairs could read into.  She kicked off her heels and covered her naked body with a t-shirt they once shared over a long weekend.  She still smelled him, on her now, and began to warm as she was enveloped again by his spell.

Of course, now she felt wildly confused, perhaps mistaken.  On one hand, standing up and being the one to walk away felt like the right thing to do, certainly it would be following the advice of many friends.  On the other hand she was alone now, purely alone with her thoughts.  Purely alone as a stronger woman who knows how she should be treated.  Purely alone without the attention that she wanted tonight.  It was a give and take, did she expect too much?

As she laid in bed, naked bottom half covered in the cloud of her duvet, it hit her.  She should have trusted herself.  Trusted that she wouldn’t be forgettable and just let him go as he wished.  At the end of the 40 days maybe she would have realized it was for the best to give it time.  Or maybe he would have missed her and come to her sooner, knowing how she wants to be treated.


On her phone, a new text message.  She pressed play.  Immediately, she recognized the moaning sounds coming from the video as her own.  And then she heard his voice

18 thoughts on “Chasing Memories in a Parking Lot

  1. I must confess the end left me wanting to know more…

    This post was very “different” for you? Or have I not read enough? I really liked reading the inner thoughts here, the conflict within, the feelings. The woman within.

    You write well G. xo

    • Wow, that is such a wonderful comment to receive! Such great compliments. First, I meant to leave you hungry for more, or maybe just salivating. Second, I should admit that the parking lot thing was sort of an obscure challenge I took, seeing if I could do something fun with it. Third, thank you so much, glad you heard my voice :)!!

  2. I certainly want more. It took me several tries do my own time constraints… Nothing of your doing. So when time allows I will read again in full and absorb, meld, take it all in again. Thank you.

  3. This was brilliant and moving.
    Thank you.

  4. empowering just to read! well done….

  5. You write beautifully…I need to catch up! (I’ve been in Dick-Blogger Mode. I should be pulling my head all the way out of my ass at any moment!)


  6. You manage to leave this one as deliciously poised on the edge as the previous episode.
    Love it!

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