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Green Visits Again


Continued from Green Visits.

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Five months had passed since our last threesome with Green.  I had pretty much written off any chance of seeing him again due to the lack of contact, our busy lives with limited childcare options, and we had moved on to other men.  But after the last playoff game, both he and my husband (“D”) sent messages at the same time that it would be a great if we could celebrate together.  We had our first threesome during the first game of the season, so why not end the season with a BANG?  It was meant to be.

I lounged comfortably next to D on our long brown couch.  I had decided to take a break from drinking after the first two went down so smoothly.  I dressed to impress Green, choosing a short tie-dyed skirt and a low-cut grey sweater.  The sweater may not have been the best choice but it was tight and allowed easy access to my breasts.  To entice such access I wore a pink bra two cup sizes too small, as a result my flesh appeared to be pouring out.  Bending down gave my nipples a chance to escape their confines.   I looked sexy, but subtly so, I had no need to impress Green with my attire. 

Crossing and uncrossing my legs gave D a view of my cute pink panties. As I did this we talked about the plan for the night.  He gave my exposed ass cheek/thigh a loving smack and adjusted himself through his jeans.  He was excited, noticeably so, but for good measure I reached over and felt him.  As I did so, my left nipple jutted out from my bra, giving me my own tent.

I guess you figured out that I like taking pictures of myself as I get ready.

I guess you figured out that I like taking pictures of myself as I get ready.

As I practiced my coy smile and innocent sexy head tilt with D, I glanced up and realize Green was knocking lightly on our front door, and peeking in through the glass.  The familiar rush of feelings washed over me, excitement, shyness, nervousness, and fear of rejection.  D gave him a half hug as I walked over.  As soon as I hugged him those feelings absorbed into my body and were replaced by the animistic urge to get bent over and penetrated.

D invited him into the kitchen for a cocktail, so I took it upon myself to find a good music channel on TV (I forgot about Pandora).  When Green returned to the living room with his special concoction of Jamaican rum, orange bitters and a splash of cranberry, I was still fumbling with the remote trying to search channels.  My husband laughed and teased me the music channels were in the 800’s, no where near the 100’s I had made it back around to.  Noticeably I didn’t really care about music, only primitive urges presented themselves.  My head space was already being taken over.

Taking charge like he does best, my husband put on the music.   This allowed me to sit back on the couch and look at Green sipping his drink.  It was nice to see him,  I relaxed a little and grazed his leg with my fingers, teasing around the Adidas logo,   reconnecting with him through this touch.  He really has a great peaceful energy about him, I like being close to this man, I feel really happy around him.  I teased that it has been too long since we all got together.  I wanted to say, “why don’t you call us more, we both want you?!”

We chatted for a little while while sipping drinks, getting familiar again, briefly talking kids, jobs, home improvement, etc.  It was nice to hear about his travels, his children are older, I’m only slightly jealous of his freedom-infused lifestyle.  It was easy to find chances to keep building the connection back as we all sat close.  I had warmth of two men pressing their legs against my own, two artistically crafted and unique bookends framing me, an erotic novel.

I realized the need to go to the bathroom, my drinks had caught up with me fast and it was time to break the seal.  I made sure to wash up well and take the opportunity to touch up my lip gloss and pat my hair.  I came back and sat on D’s right side, for some reason avoiding the middle but taking on the more dominant face-forward view.  It didn’t last long though, within a few seconds D requested that I move back to the couch in between them.  Abandoning the act of making requests and going for the direct approach, D told me to show Green what was under my sweater.  In a playful tone he teases, “G, its been so long since he has seen your tits, pull your top down so he can see!”  I was feeling a bit bolder than the last time we saw him, and wanting to tease D a bit by not doing what he said, I stood up and twirled sensually as I pulled my shirt off, revealing my very full pink lace bra.  As I’m standing in my bra and skirt, white noise in the room starts to take over, zoom, back to the fuzzy warm head space.

I gently turn around and slip back on the couch between my men, in unison they scoot tightly next to me.  I hear, smell, feel the breathing of both men beside me, still fully clothed against my cooling skin. Four hands find my body, I close my eyes a moment to enjoy the soft squeezing and caressing.  Their hands cupping and twiddling, paying worship to my wondrous mystical mountains and valleys.

It became clear very soon that it was time to make our way back to the bedroom.  A spacious bed where we could all lay down would be conducive to orgasms for all.  We walked down the hall, the three of us all breathing heavily, speaking in hushed tones.   We entered the room and I knew it was time to lavish some attention on Green, make him feel “welcum”.   Since it worked so well with Blue last time,  I dropped to my knees and bestowed my oral pleasure skills on both cocks in front of me, one hand for each man, one mouth/tongue for them to share.  I began rhythmically switching back and forth between them.   Each man getting a chance to feel their cock in my throat.  At times pulling back and pulling them together so I can fit both heads in my mouth at the same time.  All the while, I was not ashamed to make my pleasure known with my mewls of delight.  Oh I do love having two men to please.

My husband backed away and took several photos of me in action.  This always makes me feel so much more libidinous, almost appearing like someone else in each capture.  I love to put on a show for the camera.  Holding his cock and adoring it, eyes filled with wanton lust, lips red and pursed waiting to be filled.  He paused me to share a photo that showed I’m so clearly enamored with Green’s dick, it was written across my wanton face. 

After viewing it I look up and say to Green, “I fucking love your cock!!”

EDIT: Photo removed.

D laughs and says, “I think its pretty cool too.” (Speaking about this later I asked if I had overstepped a boundary by saying that, and D assured me that it was a turn-on for him and he had no jealousy, Green does have a fucking amazing cock.)

We mutually decided it was time to get the condoms.  My husband ran out to grab Green’s jacket from the living room so he could pull out the magnums.  While D was gone Green proposed that I lay back on the bed and spread my legs so he could taste me again.  Luckily D returned to the bedroom within seconds because I felt the need to ask him, “is it alright if he licks my pussy?”

Upon getting our approval I lay back on the bed comfortably, caressing my clit and watching the men.  Green climbed up and positioned his face over my hot cunt.  I spread my legs further, and presented myself to his tongue, open and loving the cooling tickle of his shallow breathing.  He lowered and consumed my pussy salaciously,  sending jolts of dizzying electricity through my body.  D crawled to my side and fed me his cock watching me get licked into a frenzy. 

As I edged on what felt like a huge orgasm,  Green pulled away momentarily and swung his body around to position his cock by my mouth.  His tall slim body, and the added benefit of his penis size made for such a great fitting and fabulous 69 session.  After observing us getting closer to the edge again, D took over the care of Green’s rock hard member.  Leaving my mouth free to verbalize just how fucking good this all felt. Then instantly D hushes me by putting his hand over my mouth, saying that he hears little one crying.

Yes, I didn’t mention this, but we decided to give it another try while the kids were home, you’d think we’d have learned our lesson by now…

My first instinct was to beg D to go to the little one, but I know that he won’t be calmed unless I do it.  It was my job to go, unfortunately.  As I left the room D and Green went back out to the living room. They commenced the watching TV and chatting that happened last time we tried to get together.  I nervously assumed that the night will end up with D giving Green a blowjob without me again, or that he wasn’t going to wait and just head home.

I was able to make it back out a few minutes later after supplying water and snuggles to the little one.  Tip-toeing to the guys back on the couch, Green whispered to me, “good Mama.”  My passion reignited and I just about burned the cushion underneath me as I sat back down between them.   Him accepting that I was a mother first, and a lover second, maybe even finding my motherly instincts sexy, made me wild with desire for his lips on mine.  I had assumed that I would be saying goodbye to Green and settling down for the night with D when I returned.  But Green made the first move right away,  rubbing my leg and touching my pussy seconds after I sat down.  My husband’s hand joined him, exploring my creamy soft thighs, up to my smooth wet pussy.  I asked if they could each put a finger in me.

But D had another idea.  He asked Green if he wanted to feel me ride him again.  An enthusiastic agreement led quickly to him rolling the condom on his hard member.  I watched intently and bemusedly, wondering if I should or could help in any way.  Since Blue proved he was clean of STD’s and had been “fixed” we didn’t feel the need to use protection with him, and our previous threesome with Green was not supposed to lead to sex so we didn’t use protection with him.  This was the first time I had fucked a guy with a condom in a long time.  Honestly, I don’t like it.

He sat back on the couch, and I kneeled next to him and caressed his shaft, I reached between my legs to borrow some lubrication from my now-drenched pussy.  Then I climbed on, and gently began working him in.   He wasn’t as hard as he was previously when we were in the bedroom, but I worked him back up to it.  It wasn’t as pleasurable as the last time I rode him, I could tell he felt the same.  Of course I continued to work at it, I wanted to make him explode inside me.  But after grinding on him for a while, and feeling his erection bend on one thrust down, I asked if we could take a break.  I fell to his side on the couch and took off the condom so I could stroke him.  D sat on my side again, I felt at ease with my hands full and I smiled up at my husband, full of gratitude.

As he peered down at me, it occurred to D that I had learned a new sexual skill since our last threesome with Green. He offered up the opportunity to see me squirt (as if I’m a side show at the circus), and of course our partner fervently shook his head yes.  I am a Courtesan (but that is another post that has sat in my drafts folder way too long) so I happily obliged but I requested quietly that we not use a light saber this time.   I reclined on the couch, making sure I look comfortable and sexy and my breasts spilled the right way, pulling my legs up so that one is draped over Green’s lap.  I watched his face and stroked him gently as D inserted one, then two fingers into me.  The familiar curl of his fingers and fast finger punch of my g-spot brought the warmth to my pelvis.  I squeezed and released to his timing, and the edge of the cliff was reached. I imagined jumping off, flying for a second and then splattered D’s hand with my water. 

The act awoke the blazing need inside Green to see if he could arise such fountains in me himself.   I saw it in his eyes and rewarded him by pleading to him for another, “please Green, will you try to do it to me too, I want to see if I can squirt for you?”   Eager isn’t the right word for his body language at that moment.  Within a minute his fingering technique made me reach shuddering and squirting orgasm.  He was obviously proud, as he should be.  I relaxed back into D’s arms momentarily satiated.

Green was now beyond rock hard.  I whispered to my husband that I just want to get fucked bareback.  He agreed it was okay (this broke one of our rules but in the moment I just want no barrier).   I stood up and got back down on the couch on my hands and knees.  Green pushed himself inside, deep within my velvety damp tunnel.  D moved to walk around the couch to the back, so that I could reach him with my mouth (this was one of the things we  had wanted to try but weren’t sure would work).  As we had assumed, it didn’t work because D was too high up, it caused me to contract my pussy in a way that made it hard for Green to stay in me as he impaled me.  But I needed to feel Green in me from behind, so I abandoned D’s cock and got on my elbows.   I  fought for my breath as my face was pounded into the couch pillows.  In one deliberate swoop of my arm, I ripped the pillows off the couch without missing a thrust.  I yelled, “oh fuck!  This is so fucking good!”  I heard a agreeing grunt from Green and a laugh come from D.

It was glorious.  Threesomes satisfy my urge to fuck someone while being watched, they fulfill my need to try all shapes and sizes of cock while feeling protected by my D.  They give me the chance to learn just how sexy other men find me.  All of this being important to me because I am a highly sexual woman, and I like it that way.  Maybe someday my husband will be the one getting pleasured by two, I certainly want that for him.  I would be turned on to watch him get a blow job (by a man, for some reason I am not yet there thinking about another woman and him).  There really are just so many possibilities when three partners who are attracted to one another and have no fears come together.  At times I may have felt cheap after a threesome, I may feel like I’m being treated like property to share and barter with from time to time.  It isn’t true.  As D has explained to me many times, there are just some things you are blessed with in life that you find so amazing you can’t keep them to yourself, half the joy in having it is to watch others revel in that thing’s amazing-ness.

As Green fucked me, my face still collided with the back of the couch.  Now the suffocatingly soft cushions were gone and I found myself hitting hard against the wood.  Green spanked me lightly and I hissed, “yessss!!” After my third and slightly stinging spanking I felt something putting pressure on my ass’s entrance, a finger or thumb.  I pushed into it, having never been penetrated there it was instinctual, there was no question I wanted it. 

Spank! “She is a naughty girl, isn’t she” Green growled.

“Yes” D answered, putting more pressure on me with his thumb.

“And she likes getting fucked in the ass too”  Green stated. D removed his thumb from me right then as I immediately pulled back, and shook his head no.

(I’m an ass virgin, who planned to keep it that way up until that moment!)

Feeling both of their hands on me, and having my round ass in the air, vulnerable to both men, I suppose this might be what subspace feels like.  I was starry eyed, happy, satiated, reckless and reeled in at the same time.  I could have done anything at that moment.

Green pulled out and laid me down on my back, then took a step back to gaze at me.  I knew he still hadn’t cum, I was on the edge of another orgasmic rush.  I didn’t want to leave this space I was in.  They watched as I fingered myself and played with my clit, their girl putting on a show for them.  I wanted to cum for them again.  I needed to.

I felt Green’s huge cock slip into me.  I couldn’t help but to gasp and yelp.  Being on my back it felt different, it felt deeper even than from behind.  I felt so tight, it burned like he was going to rip me.  He was doing the short pulses in and out, in his own zone.   It vibrated my g-spot and I felt another gush squeeze out from above his cock. I knew it wouldn’t be long for him, his head tilted back and eyes clenched,  seconds later he pulled out and showered me with a lovely mess. My stomach decorated with his white emanation.

I went to the bathroom to clean up and pee.  When I came out he was already dressed and gathering his belongings, and putting on his shoes.  I flashed D a pouty face, as Green gave me a nice long and sensual hug goodbye.  I really wished he could have stayed longer, it was late but I thought we could all still have some fun.  However,  I could sense from his enthusiastic goodbye that my D was ready to have me all to himself again.

D I went into the bedroom to have a sensual lovemaking session to solidify our bond.   Laying in bed we shared a long embrace, side by side, kissing, and touching. Then moved to missionary position so we could keep our eye contact and kissing, verbalizing our love.  Not long after he slipped into me he climaxed and I had a second man’s load of cum spray my belly.  I gently rubbed it in my skin, showering was next on the to-do list.

Except,  I knew I was not ready to leave the head space yet, so I asked for one last favor before I went to the shower.  Even though I didn’t know if I had it in me, and knowing it might hurt,  I asked for him to get the dildo out.  I laid on my side with my legs together and he pounded me until I could feel the my juices spraying me.  The dildo penetrated me at such a force that each spray emanating from my cunt ricocheted back as far as my face.   It was a whole new set of sexual emotions being sprayed by my own juices, over and over.  

After I could take it no longer, the filled feeling came. We moved to the shower to embrace under the flow of the hot water, as our third partner washed from our memory.  It was just us again.

60 thoughts on “Green Visits Again

  1. It is I, who has now been rendered speechless…

  2. I too, am speechless…
    Sleepovers at your house rock!

  3. “It was glorious. Threesomes satisfy my urge to fuck someone while being watched, they fulfill my need to try all shapes and sizes of cock while feeling protected by my D..” All I can do is nod in agreement (well stated!) and enjoy that tingly feeling I get from reading this. Now I have to go back and read it from the first entry all over again… brava!

  4. Amazing. The sex, yeah, that was great too, but the relationship with D that allows such a thing. Now that’s amazing.

  5. I’m late in responding, only because I skimmed through it the first time, and didn’t want to comment until I fully read it. Damn girl that was hot!!! Claps for you! I’m sure if I am personally comfortable being with two bi-sexual men, but it’s not like I’m completely opposed to it. I would try almost anything once. 😉 xxx

    • I was just reading through here and I didn’t see your comment, this is weird! Didn’t mean to ignore!

      I will be honest my favorite part isn’t seeing my husband suck a cock, if anything I would prefer it the other way…and that is as bisexual as we get really, any further might be out of my comfort zone…but like you said, I would try almost anything once. 😉 kisses back


  6. Wow
    Wow to your amazing tits
    Wow to his gorgeous cock
    Wow to… Everything that happened. So envious. 🙂

    As for the threesomes. I am the opposite of you. I love to see him enjoying another girl. The pleasure I feel is so great but we never had another man or a couple. I think he will feel the same pleasure I get but we won’t know until we are there.
    My advice is keeping thinking about him with another girl and see how that makes you feel.
    Hmmm maybe this is better said over email. lol
    Anyway, just sharing my thoughts. 🙂

    • You can always email me! But I had a hard time with the thought that I don’t want him to get pleasure from another woman. I’m just bitchy like that, it wasn’t me that proposed the threesomes with the guys so its unfair that he always proposed the threesomes with girls….However, just recently I have been trying to imagine his face as he gets a bj from another girl or to watch her ride him. As long as she knows I am in control of what she does with him and when I can almost see it happening. But can I trust her? He fucking worships the ground I walk on, what if she wants that too and is willing to do anything to get it? I’m pretty secure in my physical abilities as well as my body/face. But I’m not secure that I would love him the most and I definitely can’t compete with new love feelings.

      Feel free to comment here or I can give you my gmail so we can chat.

  7. This was even better the second time around! Thanks!

  8. This is a fantastic sexperience.. Making me so wet by just reading it. I have to try such MMF. Any advice on how to get started?

    • My husband does all the communication and planning. But I suppose we got started by searching Craigslist casual encounters section. Then we did place an ad looking for a bi male, I guess if I remember correctly that is how we met Green. My husband and I talked for few months about our boundaries, fears, fantasies, expectations. Then we started exploring.

      • That is fantastic to have such a level of communication between the two of you. Enjoy exploring my dear and please let us in the know.

        • Sometimes I see it that way (our communication be good). Sometimes I feel a little controlled or used as a fuck toy, but sometimes I like that too. I guess it depends on the day. 🙂

          It just wouldn’t work for our relationship to have me communicating with the men, my husband is not open to that, so I work with the parameters he is comfortable with. It would make me feel better to be more involved in the communication. I often asked for a three-way email get-to-know each other. For some reason that hasn’t materialized yet.

  9. These kinds of stories render me speechless. Pretty far outside my bounds of experience, but who knows. Maybe some day. I can’t even get involved in a twosome, let alone a three or four or moresome. You are a good writer, G : ) It’s like I was there, only not. Not at all. Much to my dismay.

    • Wow, Justin, thank you so much for complimenting my writing!! It means a lot coming from you. Should I send you the next slumber party invitation?

      • Sure, but invite some more women too, and I’ll be there with my sexiest jammies : )
        (Not that I wouldn’t want to be there for you, but for any group action there better be an equal or greater ratio of F to M. FMF, FFMFF, FFFFFMFFFFF all sounds great to me, add another M or two and I start to feel pretty iffy about it.)

  10. Great writing. Being married, I especially enjoyed this line “Him accepting that I was a mother first, and a lover second, maybe even finding my motherly instincts sexy, made me wild with desire for his lips on mine.” All of it was fun, sexy and tantilizing… I’ll be coming back for more 😉

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  13. Damn G, that makes it twice in one hour! I’m going to have to stop reading now, and save your blog for another day.

    • These are magic words to me for some reason: “Damn G!”

      I just fucked Green again last Saturday! I need to write about it ASAP.

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  17. Hey, where have you been?

  18. Ha! Sorry bout that. We are following your blog, but for some reason your posts haven’t been showing up in our e-mails so I mistakenly thought this was your latest post. I just caught up with a lot of stuff I missed.

    • 😀 I’m so excited that you took the time to catch up, it’s made my day, truly. Thank you. I was wondering if it was my unsolicited boob pics or a comment I made or just me…I am so glad you stopped by.

      • I’m glad too, but a bit upset at the mysterious powers that haven’t been stuffing you in our in-box! P.S. – The “unsolicited boob pics” are a draw – a lovely, big, hot draw!

        • I’m glad they are a draw, I realized that if Lo is anything like myself she probably didn’t like that too much. I learn though!

  19. Great article and nice picture, The grip is excellent.

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  27. I couldn’t be later to this party from 2013, but DAYUM! If my wife actually wanted me i would destroy her after reading this I’m so aroused!

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