filled and fooled



JK’s description of Sophia’s beauty…my goodness…I feel like it explained so much, it made me realize that I am beautiful too, no matter if I’ve been a model in a magazine or if I’m the girl they are always trying to photograph at the clubs. It explains why their eyes always say so much when they look at me. I’m going to own my beauty now JK, thank you. PLUS!!!!!!! This is one of my fantasies!

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  1. I agree with your comment 100% – his descriptions were so loving – thanks for reblogging something so lovely – especially when a man writes so well. Jayne

  2. I am so proud of you. You took my description of Sofia EXACTLY how I wanted it taken, EXACTLY how I wanted around-the-way girls to feel. YOU are crazy-sexy and the men who see your glow, know it.

    • Thank you, thank you so very much!! I’m a much better woman for reading your words, truly an important moment in my life!

      • Wow… Sorry to butt-in but I loved reading your comment to JK.
        That is just awesome you felt that way.

        • Yes, of course I’m getting all these offers to be photographed for magazines now that I say that….kidding! But owning my glow rather than wondering why I’m looked at sometimes has improved my life quite a bit. Now I just need lessons on how best to pose for pictures with friends at least a foot shorter than me so I don’t look so awkward next to them….

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