filled and fooled


too much cleavage?


too much cleavage?

I realized its been a loooong time since I interviewed. Can I get some good vibes? On one hand I don’t want to work, on the other I do. No big deal, good practice, and all that shit.

34 thoughts on “too much cleavage?

  1. Never too much cleavage doll. Especially yours 😉 xxx

  2. Depends. And I am only say that as a professor that used to teach business etiquette to university students… but if you really dont want it, they look great!

  3. Whether or not they offer you the job, you will have brightened up their day:-)
    I don’t hire people because they are attractive, but it does not hurt if you are.

  4. I say you look great! I also think cleavage is a given when you have large breasts, it can be so obvious when you are hiding them puppies. So in my mind, you wear something flattering and always maintain that level of impeccable professionalism.

    • Thank you Jayne! I was sort of thinking the same, what can I do to hide these? I guess a loose button-up shirt, loose jacket? I think confidence is key, and just a little cleavage showing helps me just a little, hehe.

  5. I’m pretty sure I nailed it. We shall see! Oh, I ended up pulling my dress up a bit and changed necklaces to draw attention away from the girls.

  6. Mmmm not all all girl.
    It’s perfect I’d you ask me. 🙂
    Good luck!

  7. Just for fun, can you show us how you would have gone if you thought more cleavage would have been better?

  8. Glad to hear the interview went well. If you get the job, keep dressing that way. A little cleavage is a good thing. Keeps an office more alive.

  9. There’s no such thing as too much cleavage! Well done!

  10. Your cleavage is great, just like your blog.


  11. A day late and a dollar short; I’m still playing catch-up. 🙂

    I’m gonna be my usual weird self here and flip it to you – did it make you feel comfortable or less? Did it empower you? In all, you are great the way you are, G. Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a burlap sack or a low-cut dress. You’re awesome, as a whole – not just part of you.

    Ps. You look amazing and alluring. 🙂

    • I am more comfortable if I show some part of my massive boobs. They are not easy to cover and when I try it does appear I’m waring a burlap sack. This is just how I want to walk in a room. Sitting down at the conference room table I don’t care how I look, its all about my personality.

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