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Pause for a quick change


I’m getting tired of typing “my husband” in all my posts.  He has a name obviously, and he is not my possession.   I guess that means the idea of calling him “Mr. G” is out, right?  How about we call him D?

D = My Husband

EDIT: no wait, Derek, we will call him Derek

14 thoughts on “Pause for a quick change

  1. Every time I write about TN, I first call him The Neighbor, then switch to TN. So much easier!

  2. Funny: my husband’s real name starts with a D. More in common! Good luck with the interview, and let us know how it went. I haven’t been to one in sooo long, so I feel your pain right now. xxx

  3. I have a D as well – LMAO. I guess because I give other guys initials I never thought too with my husband, i type it out, and youre right, it would save some finger time.

    Good luck with your interview.

  4. Sounds great. I go by initials. 🙂

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