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Green visits


Dry mouth.  This is how I know I’m really nervous.

What amount of wet delicious icy vodka-cran will make it go away?

I down my second tumbler full of the glorious concoction five minutes after the last sips of the first drink had passed my lips.  The sweet bite quenches my need for a quick jolt to the senses and then that warm light feeling washes my self doubt away.

Of course I rationalize the need to drink like this.  I ponder on how five months have passed since the last time we saw him, really its been almost as long since we’ve talked to him.  Then I think about the plans my husband made for tonight.  He is so happy his team is going to the Superbowl, he really found a great way to celebrate tonight…  My hand shakes and my lip quivers as I attempt to paint it with a rosy hue that won’t compete with my flushed cheeks.

Green.  He was our second MMF partner, one third of the men we’ve played with.  According to my husband, our first encounter with Green was our first “successful” threesome.   He will be called Green, and it is not for his eyes or his riches,  but because he is an aficionado of green things we enjoy.  We connected with him right away.  His intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit combined with his earthy and spiritual demeanor gave us the comfort level we might have had with an old friend.  He resembles a man I might have dreamed was part of my happy ending when I was a little girl.  That wavy long dark hair, those hazel eyes, mighty plump lips…and a damn amazing cock.

The thoughts cause me to lick my freshly decorated lips. 


Our “relationship” with Green began after having a brief meeting with my husband to get to know each other.  After it was confirmed he was a good guy, Green came over to our house one morning while the kids were away.  We were supposed to meet him downtown the night before, but for reasons unknown the plans fell through.  When he texted that he was free at 10:00am I was not even considering meeting him.  I thought it would be out of the question for my husband as well with the first game of the season on. I was surprised to find my husband respectfully nudge me to agreement on having him over.  I almost instantly regretted saying yes when I realized that since it was morning I wasn’t about to drink liquor to calm, and my coffee was doing nothing to quell my nervousness.

Right on time he knocked on the door.  I was in my room getting ready and made my entrance with a kind and possibly apprehensive smile.  It was a nice first meeting for me.  After small talk, and sips of coffee, we sat on the couch with myself placed carefully in the middle.  The men watched football and I wondered if I was really ready for this.  It was as if he was an old friend, and he was attractive to me.  I realized I would have to make the first move if we were going to do this before the kids came back.  I asked a silly question, “you aren’t here to just watch football, right?”

Taking that as a hint that I was ready to let the playing begin, my husband exposed and offered a taste of my voluptuous breasts by pulling my top down.  Green asked if he could take my bra off, and walked around to the back of the couch and gently unhooked me.  As he came back to the front of me he gasped and said, “those are the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, in my fucking life.”   I smiled and thanked him.  He then got on his knees and impaled himself on my left breast.  While he was licking, sucking, and tasting me (I was still breastfeeding at the time so I was very milky),  my husband took the opportunity to investigate whether he was nine inches like his emails said.  When his gorgeous cock sprang out of his pants I felt my pussy tighten and contract.  He was the biggest I have seen.

Taking a breather from his indulgence of my nipples,  Green pulled back and smiled.  Looking into my eyes intensely he whispers,  “I want to taste your wife’s pussy.”   I shuddered a bit,  we both looked at my husband as he gave an agreeing chuckle and nod.  After getting his go ahead,  Green dove into my open legs,  his tongue working firm circles around my pulsing clit in quick jetting motions.  His technique was different than what I was used to,  the muffled moans escaping from his throat vibrated and reverberated and sent shockwaves to my heart. He pulled back and stated, “that is one hot pussy, man, so fucking good!”

And it was so fucking good.

At that point we had him stand up and my husband and I helped to repay the oral favor.  Sucking and sharing his cock, there was more than enough to go around.  He was so hard and watching him be pleasured by a man was a beautifully erotic sight.  His head rolled back and he took the whole experience in, his chest rose and fell in a pace matched by the lips around him.  I stood by at times just to watch,  but being part of it was much better.  As he got close to cumming my husband requested that I ride him.

He did not hesitate to sit down on the couch and push his pelvis toward me.  I climbed on and leaned forward to put my tits in his face.  My husband grabbed his hard cock and positioned it at my pussy entrance.  I was then instructed to lower myself down.  I felt his huge cock being guided in as I sat down fully, taking all of him on my first try.  Green gasped,  and let out a big exhale.  I began moving up and down slowly,  never having ridden such a large member or felt my insides stretched this way.  It was divine.  It only took five drops of my hips,  or five pussy contractions as I got buried to the hilt, for him to gasp that he was going to cum. I quickly got up off him, and fell to his side. I watched as my husband stroked his cock and made him spurt all over his stomach.  I leaned over and tasted a drop that had landed on his abs.  It was the first taste of cum from a man besides my husband in 12 years.

After our first threesome with Green my husband and him kept in close contact. We all hoped to  make our threesomes a regular occurrence. Perhaps a bi-monthly meeting,  get it,  “bi”,  hmph… But,  because we don’t get the kids out of the house often, and because Green is a busy guy really into traveling,  it was very hard to nail down a date with him for the second time.

A month following our first meeting with Green, I was helping to host a bachelorette party and subsequent bar crawl for a great friend,  and having a stellar time.  To my dismay, my husband texted me several times over the course of the evening that because I was out, we were missing out on a chance to see Green.  He had messaged my husband that he was in town and had no obligations and he really wanted to see us.  Usually we wouldn’t consider having him over when the kids were home, even if they are deep in sleep, but it had been a month and we wanted to see him.  With the way our house is situated and the video monitors being used, we decided it would be fine to have him over.

But, I was out on the town with the girls, flirting with the young muscular college studs (I LOVE younger guys) and having the best time ever!!  It wasn’t long after the first text that I decided I really wanted to get fucked by Green’s nice big cock again, and if that night was the only chance then I need to go for it.  I knew I would have other chances to booze it up with the ladies, even though with less flow of free drinks.  Unfortunately I had a problem, I realized that I had not brought enough cash with me to catch a cab home.  I would have to wait until the end of the night to ride with the rest of the girls.  Surely we wouldn’t have enough time for hooking up before he had to get back to his room.  Sigh…

Then I thought of a sneaky fun little plan.  I asked my husband to text Green and ask him to pick me up from the bar. Even though he didn’t like it, my husband went ahead and made the request.  Green quickly replied that he was on his way downtown to get me.  My husband gave him my number in case he couldn’t find me.  I made a quick exit from the ladies (and the studs) and the bar, apologizing that I was heading home because the little one was awake and daddy couldn’t get him back down.  Outside of the bar I stood on the corner, looking for Green’s vehicle.  I had no idea what he drove, in fact I had no idea if Green remembered what I looked like.  The excitement over being picked up by an almost-stranger,  who may or may not find me,  was compounded by my cell phone battery going completely dead.  I can’t lie,  I loved that moment.

A flash of the headlights from a van stopped at the light before me let me know Green had found me.  After he pulled over I hopped in,  giving him a shy glance and thank-you-for-everything.  This is always an interesting moment,  seeing the guy who is basically there to fuck me,  and wondering whether I should be coy or savagely sexy.  I was in such an excited head space over being alone with him and wondering how I should act,  that I had a hard time giving him directions back to my house.  It wasn’t long into the drive that he asked me how I felt about everything.  How did I feel about my husband giving him head?  How did I feel about him?  Did I feel the connection like he did?  Did I want to get together alone sometime?

Of course I did, because I wanted to see what it would be like to fuck another guy without my husband there.  But I wouldn’t do that to him, I’m not a cheater.

After we made it back home, and passed the dismayed look in my husband’s eyes as he met us on the front porch, my little one did in fact wake up.  I had really jinxed it because the little one would not settle back down. He must have sensed that 12oo feet away there was a man in our home that had an almost equal interest in my titties.  I spent almost 2 hours trying to settle the little one down, while (as I later found out) my husband gave Green a blow-job (as they watched a few videos of me).   Since it appeared I wasn’t going to be able to play, Green left.  Seconds later my little one finally drifted off.


Five months later, I was going to finally get filled by Green again.  The plans had been made, confirmed, and now it was just time to wait for his arrival.  My husband and I made our game plan/goals for the evening.  We both wanted to suck his cock, we both wanted him to fuck me doggystyle.  We both wanted to utilize our bedroom instead of the couch.  I wanted to kiss him.  Nope, not allowed.

Continued here.

35 thoughts on “Green visits

  1. okay I wasnt ready for that to end….

  2. Yes. Much more!!

  3. phew! *fanning myself* love having something to look forward to. don’t make us wait too long 😉

  4. Holy shit! Yes, add me to the list of “More!!!” That was awesome, can’t wait to read the rest of it. By the way, your husband is a real sport.

  5. Lucky duck you! One of these days, I would like to be in a MMF situation. I was offered it once actually, but I felt I wasn’t ready yet. By the way, where in the USA are you, pretty lady? xxx

  6. G, your accounts always leave me wanting more 😉

  7. 🙂 … whew. I’ll be waiting for more tales of Green…

    • Thank you! I love your blog, I’m honored you stopped by mine!

      • I’ve been reading since you first stopped by…just haven’t commented. 🙂

        I wish I had adventures like you lol … but I’m trapped in a vanilla life.

        • My husband probably would have said he is trapped in a vanilla life about a year ago, but one simple conversation we had opened the floodgates and here we are. This blog shouldn’t be a secret from him but I fear his need to inject his perspective on things, or to have him act as editor.

          Anyway, feeling trapped in anything feels shitty! Hope your future brings many exciting adventures if you wish!

  8. Phew… I need a… Yes a small break…
    Hot story. 🙂

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