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40th post and almost 100 followers


I think this is sort of a benchmark for me, the number of posts and especially the number of followers.   I have quite a few drafts going and I just can’t commit to publishing any of them for one reason or another.  I have been awarded a few awesome awards by some WONDERFUL bloggers.  I have not forgotten this, and owe you all a proper (or maybe an improper) post in the near future.  I have part two of my fireman story in the works (“Chocolate Kiss”) is my working title.  My husband and I had a great threesome experience a week ago, a post giving every naughty and cheek reddening detail should be published this week if I am lucky (it was with “Green” a man I haven’t written about here yet).   I have been walking with a good friend every morning, which was my writing time, but I feel like the real-life connection paired with the fresh air and exercise is a better choice for my time right now.  She needs to talk and I need to feel like I’m helping her.

It is nice giving my interesting perspective on things:

“When you feel life at crossroads, you need higher perspective view.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut


I haven’t been taking many self portraits lately.  But yesterday I was out and about enjoying a rare free moment.   I parked and slid over to the passenger seat. I thought perhaps it would give me a bit of privacy as I caught up on my blog reading.  I didn’t intend on doing anything but relaxing.  However,  it wasn’t long before I felt the growing need to touch myself.  As you might guess, the excitement of being out in the open was  beyond exhilarating.   I snapped a pic of my face, flushed with fear of discovery and need for more touching.  I looked back on the images several times, I loved the sun playing off my hair, making it look almost red.  My black bra peeked out from under my scoop neck sweater.   I caressed a nipple under the shield of its confines and decided they should be freed for my next photo.  I pulled down the soft foamy lace cups and my breasts poured out into the sunlight.  I was careful to position myself out of view from people walking by.  After snapping the photo quickly I pulled my sweater up so that I was covered, yet my nipples still felt exposed to the cool yet sunny atmosphere.


Only a few glances were given to me, and my stint as a flasher was over.  My battery was about dead and my alone time was quickly coming to an end.  It was fun while it lasted…

When I get to 100 followers I will post a photo showing more, any requests?

26 thoughts on “40th post and almost 100 followers

  1. Join me in the Gutter, wont you? Where we can get our nasty fill, and drive the others mad, with desire for what we Gutter Bloggers have! I have awarded you The Fabulous Gutter Bloggers Award! Thank you for keeping it steamy-hot up in here! Hugs, Sinner.

  2. Haha! This is going to sound so self-centered, but I don’t mean it that way at all: I remember when I got close to 100 followers (it took me much closer to 100 posts, btw!) and I offered the same reward! A big high five to you, girl!! xx Hy

  3. Oh, and nice tits!! Are you still nursing? They’re huge!

  4. mmm… a delicious post I must say… 🙂 You’re being rare…

  5. You have me biting my lips dear, and doing other things that I will keep and do in the dark 😉 xxx

  6. Ah, a recent nurser–that explains the truly awe-inspiring nipples. Just lovely, my dear. 🙂

  7. Good luck! I sincerely hope you reach 100 followers – soon!

  8. I like it when folks get together and share opinions.

    Great blog, continue the good work!

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