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You Found G, Please Leave A Message Because I’m Not Here.


I don’t know how I am listed on this site,  but I am.  I don’t mind.  Love Boudoir’s Erotic Blog Review lists my blog as a “Must Read Erotic Blogs”.  What is that all about? It is a pretty site with all sorts of links to great blogs I don’t have time to read. Hah! Maybe you are on there too, how did we do that?

Anyway, this is about those search terms that land people here on filledandfooled. Two blogs I follow recently discussed this, and even though I haven’t been around that long I had been wanting to do a post like this for a few weeks. First,  Anna at Romance,  Research,  & Reality had a funny post about search terms. Then another blogger favorite of mine,  PMS at PostModernSingle wrote about her search terms. Good times.

Okay, first, most of my search terms have to do with fooled and filled or filled and fooled. Someone must have forgotten the name of my blog but knew it was something like that. I’ve told a few people about it. Mostly boytoys. Hi there sweetie(s)! But aside from those searches that were meant to lead here, the most significantly used terms have to do with handcuffs, red nails, bruises from handcuffs, squirting, and light sabers.

The search that scares me is “Colin Kaepernick Dick Bulge” because if that bulge is significant enough, it might lead my husband to search it and find me here! YIKES! I thought about taking my dream-fuck’s name out of that Dear Husband post, but wouldn’t that be perfect if he found the blog and started right there? Hmmm…

Terms such as “Naughty Daddy”, “Love Boxes”, and “Lost in Lustland” are right up near the top, I was pretty proud of those posts (Lost in Lustland was used in my Naughty Daddy post). Maybe someone read my stories and wanted to go back and re-read them, only remembering those terms. That would be ideal.

Here are the searches I found HILARIOUS:

“coconut oil fuck” AND “coconut oil makes my face red” – did I really write about my thing for coconuts? I don’t recall, but yes I love fucking with coconut oil but my husband hates it. I love all things coconut, love the smell, the taste, the soft skin afterward…mmmmhhmmm

“I gave him a blow job and he had a pulse in his dick?” – Really, I wouldn’t question it, just know he was turned on!

“my armpits keep squirting” – Awww, I really couldn’t help with that one, I hope they went on to find a solution!

“giving a blow job and squiting my eyes” – I wonder if they meant squirting or squinting?

And just for a chance to puff my ego, when you search “nothing but the best of blow jobs” you find this blog. Oh yes, you found the master!

So, I’ve only posted about 40 times on this blog in the past few months. I can’t imagine what kind of search terms will bring people here over the next year if I keep going like this. I’m excited to find out!

22 thoughts on “You Found G, Please Leave A Message Because I’m Not Here.

  1. Question is, do any of the ‘search engine’ visitors stay around for more than the one visit? I got here by following your comments on other ‘quality blogs’;-) so I’m really here by recommendation. Or guilt by association…
    Maybe you could have a poll amongst your followers on how they arrived at your door? Did anybody search and stay, or even squint and stay?

  2. Have you checked your armpits recently to see if they’re squirting? 😉 If so, the question really is what they’re squirting, no?

  3. Weird. I didn’t see this until after you commented . . . . we are on the same wave length, sexy. Would you like to have sex?

    I wanted to do the same thing–write all of the snarky shit that people type in to find _Off Go the Panties_ but I was worried that WordPress would shut me down like they did with Marie’s Porn Factory (I’m still in mourning). Love your post! I hope people find you through me and vice versa because we are in sync!

  4. I love posts like this regarding the search words people use to find blogs – lots of hilarity from time to time. But like others, I found you by reading your comments on other blogs follow. BTW, I got the lesvirgin thing. I just wonder how long it will be before someone finds your bog using that as a search word.

  5. Search engine terms are good for a laugh, aren’t they?

  6. I did a post like this a while back. Someone found me by searching “ghost penis.” Two words, that until that moment, I had never written. haha People are so fucking weird.

  7. hehe, it’s a funny part of blogging that too 😉

  8. OMG I’m howling! Some funny shit in there!

  9. I love seeing the search terms that lead people to my blog. I keep getting people looking for mango-shaped breasts, and I don’t even know what that means… I need a visual dictionary of breast descriptors…

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