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why I should be watching my kids instead of …


First it was drawing on the curtains and furniture while I texted detailed descriptions of how much I would worship my boytoy’s amazing cock:


Another day while I was writing my fireman post, kiddo learned to use a rocking horse as a stool. Then fishies were spread all over the couch instead of eaten:


Last week, as I was trying to write about being happy then sad then happy the marshmallows were found (same rocking horse assisted) and somehow spread all over the floor:


You would think I had learned to give into cries of attention right? Well, today I learned that the TV sucks as a babysitter (and forgive my horrible housecleaning, the floor is disgusting):


That is raw eggs folks! Three crackle sounds I ignored as I tried to write a post about the threesome we had Sunday. Then the little one wanted to help clean up! Yay for being a great and attentive mama!

Don’t say anything about the fact that I snapped a photo after each incident before getting to clean-up. I knew there was a reason to document this shit. I need to quit blogging y’all! I have zero free time, and my kids demand my attention or they do bad deeds.

I am really trying to figure out if I should close up filledandfooled. It pains me that others have time to update their blogs regularly, and to feel like someone might be waiting for a post about bringing cookies to firefighters that I haven’t even fucking written yet! But I have so many stories I want to tell, and clicking that publish button knowing someone is going to learn more about the way I tick, it feels SO GOOD! But if there isn’t time, there isn’t time. Even though I hate it.

I won’t stop, these kids will need me less and less over time, and maybe if I don’t get a job (hehe) I can keep writing. But just forgive me for posting less frequently, these cries for attention are not to be ignored…oh I’m talking about the kids…;)

28 thoughts on “why I should be watching my kids instead of …

  1. Magic Eraser will clean permanent black marker off of sofas. The trick is to dab, not rub.

  2. I don’t have time; I neglect the little one sometimes (a lot) to write. Self expression through writing is my freedom; I went months last year not writing and I was in a dark pit. Now, although it may sacrifice a clean white wall or less than a year old sofa to pen ink, I write. At least there are no hospital visits to worry about; that should be the only time you feel bad about writing! xxx

  3. It would be criminal if you were to stop blogging! You have so many great stories to write. This is what stops you turning into a vegetable (along with threesomes, firemen, boytoys, Wands…).
    You need a swap-the-kids-out-for-a morning deal with other people who want to catch up on their blogs! Or catch up with cleaning the soft furnishings…

  4. I had to log on to write you a note. I’m done with my liitle ones cuz they’re older…I’ve also been in charge of classrooms of little ones. (yes it’s true – and I was excellent) They take more time when they’re little BUT if you wait til they’re “old enough and you have time” – you’ll never write. It’s a myth that the older they get, the more time you have. You just have to keep adjusting the way you use your time. Also – all teachers can tell the “healthy” minded parents from their healthy minded kids. You do need to do what you need to do to keep your mind vivacious and alert and healthy – whatever that is. I learned that – not fully because my mind is always in evolution, but I realized that fact to be true. Kids are like little bugs – they’ll get into everything if they have enough time. : )

    • Oh dear its true. I just wish they could play without me. These kids are happy good kids but I can’t walk out of the room without tears sometimes. Yet, my oldest has no problem entertaining anyone and everyone we interact with outside of home.

      • Fortunately and unfortunately, you are their world of love, acceptance, stability, guidelines, pure mainlined fun and who knows what else – thats why I think your happiness is critical for them to see and feel. It’s a juggling skill every parent has to deal with and kids receive all the benefits and faults – it’s plain human nature of procreation. Simple yet complicated, right? I don’t know for sure but I think thats how it is. I keep looking for the best way, tripping and skinning my knees while smiling and trying to kkep my face to the sun all along.

        • You are such a wonderful person! I just eat up your words and they always are so meaningful. Here I am sitting back at the computer, but I’ve got a sleeping one and a homework-doing one. All is well with the world again!

          • Ive just been one of the millions of mothers, dads in your position. If anything helps, Im glad cuz it isnt made clear how complex and demanding parenting honestly is. Hallmark and people who can only say nice things have a chokehold on truth…in my opinion.

  5. Hahahah omg G this is awesome. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. And the only time I write is after my little one is in bed.

  6. Two words: Children First! Then Mate. Then fill in what is left over with blogular epiphanies (poetic license about to be taken away…) That doesn’t mean you can’t have some self-fulfillment. But later in life (I am much later by the way) you can look with satisfaction to having raised healthy children with new diplomas and hopefully new jobs as well and then you can focus on the inner satisfaction a little more. And—-I am salivating for some of your chocolate chip cookies, so don’t forget to do that too. 😉 Eric

    • Oh, maybe I should do some baking with them today…. I don’t want to deceive them into thinking the world revolves around them, but our world does. I dunno, they are confident, but I’m so ready to do more than mother every day.

  7. I’ve been considering a blog vacation myself. Don’t worry about leaving if need be. You won’t be forgotten. And if you are, by those who are more ADD than most are these days, well, then, you’ll catch some new readers later on down the road.
    I know how you feel. Funny how these things feel like something we should be obligated to update. We really aren’t, of course. I’ve seen many come and go, and they will be missed, but all things are impermanent. Except maybe some of those stains. Yikes.

    • Haha, you are funny! I will keep going with this. I just need to get caught up on a few other things and then I will feel like there is time again. And if all else fails, I can always post a pic of my boobs or link to your blog. 😛

  8. I used to blog during nap times and during Dora. Sneak it in when you can, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. They need a miter who feels like herself, not a mother who feels stymied and cut off. Just sayin’. 🙂

    And have I missed something?? I read everything you post, but who’s the Boy Toy?! xx Hy

  9. Don’t close down. We bloggers are a very patient and busy bunch. We’ll be here when you need us.

  10. I have to agree with Eric. Don’t make it slavery but spend time with your kids. You will never regret it. But you will regret it forever if you don’t… Trust me I know what I’m talking about… I’m a bleeding heart forever…

    As suggested by Hy, blog during their nap. That should give you one hour or so before hubby comes back… 😉

    To hubby say you’re starting to write a book and you need some time alone, say that you need a break from your exhaustive day… If he has already been for more than 2 hours with a small kids he’ll understand your point. Say you need to BREATHE 🙂

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