filled and fooled


A u B


I no longer belong to the Chase,  no longer am I drawn into that Corner.

But he had me shackled so long,  so very tight,  perched high on a jagged rock until…

His tongue lashed at my bindings and I was set free to jump,  escape,

but not before he sliced me so deep that I never thought I would breathe again.



But then You came along,  and began your careful patchwork.

Pulling aside my life vest,  looking into my wound you found that vulnerable girl.

She sucks in a deep breath,  gazes at you with deep brown eyes,  and smiles.

We float along,  knowing we will never be alone.



Yes,  we do have counterparts at our sides,  but we meet in the middle.

That secret place where there are no masks,  just vibrant gorgeous truth.

As we find ourselves swimming in a sea of luscious sapiosexuals,

I am hooked and I will try not to backstroke… or let him pull me down.



When You and I visited my winter creek not long ago

it was wild and untamed and *amazingly* beautiful.

Because it was untouched by the glare from the sun, the dancing leaf shadows,

and the moss growth of stagnancy.

It *fucking* flowed.



It really doesn’t matter that my constant doesn’t change,

I let you dive right to my core, the depths of my monochromatic rock bottom

And you see so clearly where he will never…

When we meet in the middle I let you borrow my soul and I am truly weightless.

Thank you friend…


(Image stolen from Etsy, cute shop!)

22 thoughts on “A u B

  1. Well, sapiosexual is my new word of the day. That must be just about every blogger out there. Which is why I like bloggers.
    : )

  2. Nice piece of poetry… 🙂

  3. Great post! I nominated you for an award on my page because I think you are awesome!

  4. I enjoyed this very much 😉 kisses from a fellow sapiosexual xx

  5. Sapiosexual motherfuckers are the bomb, G! This was beautiful. It makes me want to know more 🙂

  6. I think you are both versitile and inspiring! And I probably want to do sordid and obscene things to your most sensetive parts.

    Its really just an award I think you are due…

  7. You have a way with words, G. An awesome way with words. You’re my kind of sapiosexual.

    More, please? 🙂

  8. Love the way you structured this. Very poetic.

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