filled and fooled


I am beautiful!


I’ve been thinking about beauty a lot lately…

Having been bestowed with my first blogging award, I’m really excited to announce, I AM A BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER!


Just being given recognition for my innermost thoughts, fantasies, and attempted poetic ramblings is exciting and well, it is rewarding. But what was said by Dutifully Broken when he gave me the award truly touched me. For he understands why I am here when I didn’t really, and I am so very thankful to have this feeling of being understood by a (complete) stranger. This stranger has the most beautiful heart, and an incredibly touching and gorgeous blog, please pay him a visit. Here is what he said about me:

Filledandfooled – While not one for the kiddies (nice cookies). Her blog paints an intimate portrait of desire, boundaries, fulfillment and an internal quest of sexuality. Honest and real as it gets. ((((oooo))))

Sometimes I wonder if this blog is causing me more strife as I explore my boundaries and unobtainable desires, but what it is really doing is allowing me to uncover the pain that has resided in me, covered in “I will try”‘s, “get over it”‘s and fake smiles. Fulfillment is definitely my main quest, as you may have guessed from my blog title, and I have understood that I have been fooling myself into believing it will come in an easy little package (perhaps a nice big dick tied with a red bow).

Now that excavation has begun on my soul, I can begin to examine, then experiment,  and eventually I will fill it in and build myself into the person I was destined to be. I know that is giving blogging a lot of credit. I’m not in therapy, this is it, don’t waste time stating the obvious, we all need therapy sometimes. But for now, my thoughts are being released into the wilds of WordPress and I feel better, then worse, then better, just like being in therapy. So thank you for being there to help me release, over and over, hmmm sexy.

Now, the rules state that I have to tell 7 things about myself, I’m sure you know all about this as I might be the last person getting this award for the first time. Hehe. I don’t mind giving you a few more random things you never thought you would know about G:

1) I skipped my senior year of high school and went to college instead.

2) I learned to drive at 10, on the abandoned logging roads near my town.

3) I’m afraid of fish, tadpoles, frogs, any creepy crawlies.

4) Contrary to popular belief, I am not an official judge of penis photos, just merely an unofficial judge and spectator. (Don’t send them anymore, I want to see faces, smiling happy faces).

5) I loved Three’s Company as a kid, and my parents hated me watching it but still let me. Now, if my kids watched such a trashy show I would unplug the T.V.

6) Here are my results from the Humanmetrics Jung Typology Test™

My type is: ESFJ
Extravert(33%)  Sensing(1%)  Feeling(12%)  Judging(11%)
Completely surprised at this, over the past 10 years I’ve gone Extravert! I’m tagging Normal Deviations because he gave me the link to this test, and his blog rocks.
7) This was hard! Some days I can blather on about myself but some days I want to hide away and hold myself, rocking my babies, being a good mommy. I’m not always thinking sex, I mean, some days I can’t get it off my mind, but some days I just want to be G, a good girl.
So now comes the hard part. I have to nominate 7 fellow bloggers for the award and then I leave a comment letting them know they have won this award and they have to follow my directions or else I cry. Not really, in true G nature, I follow the rules and don’t mind if my nominees don’t.  So here they are:
1) I didn’t see a rule against this, so I’m going to nominate Dutifully Broken right back! His words are so touching, sad at times, which is why I like to leave him with hugs shown like this: (((((OOOOO)))))). I love that he gives us such raw emotion in his posts. His blog is truly beautiful because his mind and heart overflow with beauty.
2) My friend, who has the most caring and thoughtful perspectives, and who is always willing to listen to me complain or cry or whatever. Her blog, that I found because I was interested in what makes a person want to cheat, makes me think, makes me tingle, makes me laugh. Mrs. Cheating Whore, you are such a beautiful blogger. Please visit her blog for some steamy details of her cheating escapades at Diary of a Cheating Whore.
3) For his beautiful photography and subsequent editing, his wordplay, his honest and sometimes painful expression, and his gardening tips (hehe) I have to nominate J at OoOoOoO, and I hope he forgives me for bringing attention to him! Please visit his blog and him if you live in his area! Sorry J!!
4) Seven-fer: These ladies are well deserving of awards but I know they get buckets of them each year, so I’m grouping you gals together. These ladies fulfill a part of my hear that was missing sweet and sensual stories, thoughts and dreams. As with all other bloggers I wish for happy endings to their stories but not as much as I wish for their stories to never end. Here are the sweet misses, don’t forget to click on over but I’m sure you visited them already:
Lovely Miss Hy at A Dissolute Life Means.
Lovely Marian at Creative Noodling.
Lovely Dawn at Pivoine68
Lovely India at Work Spouse Story
Lovely Scarlett at A True Unfolding
Lovely and understanding!!! TemptingSweets which, by the way has a few interesting blogs, see if you can find them!
You know, there are more. But I tend to leave comments behind like I get sent dick pictures, lots and lots. So you know I love you girl, even if I didn’t link it here (my kiddo is getting restless and this post is getting LOOOOONG).
5) Renee at Rendezvous With Renee! I had you on my list but accidentally published missing you, yay for edits.  I really love your blog! You are an inspiration, and you make me smile, a lot, so thank you for that.
6) Men, oh men with wonderful blogs that I wish were written about me. There are a lot of you. But I have a few favorites, maybe not nominees, because I don’t know if you want to be beautiful. But you are.
Blown at The Diary of Mr. Ghost. Man, you are cool, and I really enjoy your blog. You are as real as a ghost gets, and I mean that!
For intense images coupled with words that can bring you to your knees, The Romantic Dominant at A Faded Romantic’s Notebook. I don’t know how secret you want your blog to be, but your words slay me.
7) I’m sure you all know about diirrty…if you don’t you should, then you might have to change your panties, if you are wearing them, because this guy, oh he has some game with those words. His words leave me with no words, often, just pants and heaving breaths, and yes a need for relief of some sort. I’m still dreaming of wrapping my legs around his brain.
Okay, that is enough, I am truly sorry for missing anyone. If you feel like, hey, G missed me and she leaves comments all over my blog but forgot me here, shhhh I can edit this and add you! Because you know, all ten people that visit my blog a day might visit yours too! And sharing is caring, most of the time right?

44 thoughts on “I am beautiful!

  1. While I’m concerned my blog is getting ugly, I know it will get better. Winter blues, yet another rejection by a woman, the insanity of our capitol and its surroundings, eek.
    I’ll be feeling better when I’m skiing again.
    Thank you, really, and I would forgive you if you were doing anything wrong by drawing attention to my blog.
    When I get too stoned I still get sucked into my self-conscious fears and wants and desires, and especially those that arise from this strange thing known as blogging, but it’s mostly a controlled exercise in uncontrolled spurts of writing and creativity. It often wants to become a bile-spewing demonic terror as well, but I’m keeping my inner Stephen King back in the nineties.
    I’ll try to be beautiful,
    Not just a dick in a mirror ; )

    • Justin, you’ll live. Besides, G has a gorgeous rack and should be forgiven anything. Girls are nice.

      G, you’re sweet as fuck. Thanks for the shout out and the new blogs to check out. Since I just did my biannual awards post, I won’t be participating in this one, but I love it all the same!

      • I did forgive her, or meant that I would have if I needed to. I thrive on coping with attention. If I didn’t get it, I’d be out in the woods twenty-four seven, becoming a feral man-beast.

  2. Thank you, my lovely G! Unfortunately, I won’t be doing it because, honestly, it takes a lot of time!!! But I appreciate the shout out, and as Hy pointed out, I have new blogs to read and follow! Boobs, hugs and kisses! xxx

  3. Interesting! I wouldn’t have pegged you as an ESFJ, from what I’ve gathered (so far). Perchance do you know what your Enneagram type is?

    And, congrats on the award – muchly deserved, except now I can’t grant it to you myself in the near future, alas. =)

  4. Oh. My. God. What you wrote about me actually made me blush. I am so happy seeing that Beautiful Blogger Award proudly displayed on your blog! You deserve many more! Who knows, if it’s not against the rules, I just might have to nominate you again. Stay Beautiful, G! ((((oooo))))

  5. Congrats who received this awards. Yeah! They are really beautiful..

  6. Congrats! And thank you for the recommendations! I have some reading to do tonight, I see. New friends to make. New worlds to lose myself in.

  7. Beautiful! Congratulations!

  8. Uh oh… you nominated me for something beautiful… I guess that’s only 50% of my being (let’s not hope for less…) the rest is… ahem… a little uglier…

    Well, I’m thankful for the thought nevertheless, but I’m not sure I’ll participate actively since you already named most if not all the beautiful bloggers I use to follow, inclusive yourself 🙂

    When I find some time, I’ll try and put a quick summary of 100 things on me, so that will solve the case for most future awards, and I’ll link you back 😉

  9. 100% Introvert 50% Intuitive 12% Feeling 11% Judging
    I had to try out that test. 100% seems a bit extreme, but then again, maybe not.

    • It does seem extreme, but not for a feral mountain man-beast. Grrrrr 😉

    • Hmmm….. So INTP?

      • No, INFJ, I think, right? I’m new to these things. Apparently, according to one simple test anyway, I am the rarest of the personality types. How am I not surprised by that?
        : ) Welcome to this here bloggety blog.

        • Hmmm but if you’re 12% something, aren’t you 88% something else?

          • I have no idea. That would make sense. They might also score it in a way where you hover around the line, going in one direction or the other depending on what answers you give, and I answered a lot going both ways but in the end creeped up into feeling instead of thinking. I don’t know if that makes sense. I don’t know is what I mean to say here. Guess I should take some more tests.

            • Well that makes sense, it is about the balance. Do you have the whole score or screenshot still somewhere? happy to analyse it for you.

            • Nope, the proof is gone. I went to the site that G used in her beautiful blogger post.

      • Can’t figure it out from the website but I actually concede now, I think you’re right. INFJ it is then 😉

  10. going to the store now to Buy a “RED RIBBON”, anything else you need?? lol
    congrats on your award and so deserved..

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  12. ‘I’m still dreaming of wrapping my legs around his brain.’

    Ooh how I’m loving this phrase…

  13. Great post girl and I think blogging will help you… It had helped me. 🙂

  14. Love you so much!! Thank you!!

  15. Of course you’re beautiful! Great post and shout-outs!

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