filled and fooled


when everything changes and I look to the east


I waited for you poised on this pedestal

So very long, and now?


I was blanketed in such golden glow

This was all so new to me, but you didn’t care

it showed


I was pushed into deviating by the long strong gusts, dancing leaves

swaying in indecision but I postured so confident

you were so pleased


Now, moon beams reflect off of the frost that burned through my heart

no words have been spoken, this is the end, right?

How will I keep from falling apart?


I imagine the new year will bring warm rains that will melt away my pain

so that my tight little bud of hope can sprout again.


Goodbye 2012!

14 thoughts on “when everything changes and I look to the east

  1. Just sad poetry or really bad news…?

  2. Happy New Year 2013!

  3. Hope for a super 2013…

  4. Look to the East,look to the West, people and places, same problems different faces.
    Look inside.
    It’s day one.
    Every day, day one.

    • Thank you Justin, I am so glad my life has been blessed with your creative musings about life, gardens, and girls! Happy 2013!

      • Thank you as well, for gracing my blog with your presence, helping me keep my head up, impressing me with your writing and poesy and charm and sexiness and motherly love, and for having awe-inspiring boobies. And for liking ganja. I can’t forget that.
        : )

        • Wow, thank you so much! I thought I was more annoying to you than anything, but I really like your posts, and your comments for others, so I wasn’t going to stop visiting. You have a good brain, only enhanced by the ganja. πŸ™‚
          I wish you the very best this year and the rest of them, too!

  5. Express your soul and bring in the New Year! I hope 2013 brings you much joy and passion!

  6. A poetic heart and a fiery soul burn within you, G.

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