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Blue: Part Two


I’m just going to warn you, that there is some TMI stuff in this post.

Continued from Handcuff Bruises and Threesome Red Nails.

As we walked back to the bedroom Blue pushed his bulge up against my cuffed hands as my husband walked ahead. I found his button and zipper immediately and tried working them, almost helping to pull him along behind me. Since I couldn’t see what I was doing, and my hands were tightly bound I wasn’t that successful at getting his pants undone. However I did get to feel that Blue’s cock needed immediate release from his uniform pants.

Once we got into the bedroom I lowered to my knees and stared up at my two men. I said, “both of you take your pants off, now!” How I could be in any position to tell someone what to do, I don’t know. But it took no time before I had two cocks swinging in my face, ready to be dipped into my wanton mouth. They were in complete control, I had no use of my hands. My husband stepped back and began snapping photos on his phone. Several photos later I was utilizing my sweet CW’s advice and my throat was filled with Blue’s big meat stick. As I gagged and swallowed more, massaging his cock with my throat, I was working my hands free from the cuffs. I needed more control, I needed to feel the shaft in my hands as I worked my mouth over his salty manhood.

I felt a slight give of my wrist bone, and in a graceful sweeping motion I pulled my right hand out of the cuffs and grabbed the base of his beautiful cock. I started working him fast with my free hand as my mouth enveloped every inch it could. My left hand, now free but clanging with a hanging empty cuff worked up and down his legs. Exploring upward, grazing his balls and taint, working my exploration around to his ass. My husband stopped taking photos and positioned himself so I could use my left hand on him. Clank, clank, went the cuff chain. I pulled off of Blue’s cock so I could give my husband the attention he deserved. Blue looked on, stroking himself, asking if I wanted the cuffs off.

I moaned, “NO!”

After working my husband up almost to the point of explosion he pulled out of my throat and told me to get on the bed. I obliged, getting on all fours, presenting for Blue. I knew the time had come. Feeling him push his warm flesh into me, I almost came immediately. I felt his cock push aside the wetness that had pooled in my sweet tunnel of love. I heard my pussy love on him with her wet kisses. He rode me slow at first, but then fast and hard, so that my moaning was so loud I heard nothing but myself and the jingle of my cuffs at that point. He pushed deep in me and paused a moment so that he could pulse his cock, a trick he talked about doing that day in one of our texts. I couldn’t really feel much from it so I begged him to keep fucking me. As he did my moans were so loud I heard him say something but I couldn’t make it out. Then he paused again.

My pussy took over and pulled him deep within with my vice-like grip. I heard him cry out, “oh my god!” I started riding him then, I had no control over the bucking of my hips, my pussy needed more. He grabbed my hips and I barely made out, “I’m cumming!” but at that point he slammed into me so deep I pulsed and grabbed and came all around him as he filled me with his spunk, our cum ran down my legs. Then I heard him say, “Uh Oh.”

He got up and headed to the bathroom to clean up and pee and at that point my husband confirmed to my incredible embarrassment that there was blood mixed with semen on the bed. To add to my shame, my husband quickly showed me photos he had taken while Blue pounded me, which showed his cock emerging tinged with blood before it plunged back into my cursed canal.

Maybe you are wondering why the hell we let Blue cum inside me in the first place, or why he was in our bedroom. First, we did our research on the guy, and he had prepared us with an actual copy of a physician’s report showing that he was STD free, and that his vasectomy had “worked”. We felt that due to his profession, he could be trusted to enter our home, and lay with us on our bed.

Luckily, we all got a good laugh at how he must have, “jarred something loose” and that he fucked me so deeply that he made my period come a week early. After our giggles my husband got behind me and fucked me, filling me with his cum after a short time. He had always wanted to feel what it was like to fuck a cream-filled pussy, so he avoided the thought about what else was going on down there, and went for it. At the same time Blue positioned himself at the head of the bed and I took to his cock like a lollypop, being double-stuffed in such a great way.

One of my biggest turn-ons is having my mouth filled at the same time as my pussy. Not being able to breathe or focus on any one thing, being ravaged. I’m put into a different plane, a different state of being. I’m just a fuck toy, doing it all for them, a perfect slut. I can take any size cock, my LLB stretched to places I didn’t know it could, as long as I have a warm drippy dick in my mouth. At that moment I was in bliss.  Usually its my husband’s cock in my mouth while he pounds me with a dildo, but that night I was a goddess with two servants at my disposal. Yet, really, I was the servant at their disposal.

To be continued, here.

18 thoughts on “Blue: Part Two

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  2. I LOVE this! And now I want to try it…

  3. I’m not sure I’d ever actually do it, but there is something incredibly erotic about being double stuffed. Very interesting story.

  4. Hot hot hot…

    oh man you are living our fantasy… One day C.J. and I will do this. 🙂

  5. Nice, as expected 🙂

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  11. You’re such a people person, G.
    Well done!

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