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Blue: Part Three


This is continued from Blue: Part Two

As I was saying, I love giving a blow-job while being fucked, doggystyle specifically. I had my wishes fulfilled that night and we still had time before Blue had to head home to his wife. Still in the bedroom, my husband got an idea.

“Lay back on the bed honey, I want to show him how you squirt,” I was ordered by my husband. I did as I was told, the clanging of the handcuff dangling from my left wrist still such a turn-on that I never wanted it taken off. At this point the crimson tide was off my mind,  I was still in that separate plane of existence, the fog wrapped around my mind like an eerie insulation. I couldn’t remember details of what happened moments before, but I knew I was very well taken care of.

I laid back and Blue stayed at my side, holding my hand secretly. The room went dark, and I heard “WHOOSH!!!” At the same time a glowing blue stick of light illuminates our bedroom, a light saber has joined the fun.

For a long time I had fantasized about stealing my child’s lightsaber and fucking myself with its long shaft. I couldn’t bring myself to do that though. Then I found one on sale and gave it to my husband, so they could duel…yes, that’s the ticket…. It took me a long time to bring up my fantasy of having him fuck me with it, but the first time he did it made me squirt within a minute. And it was fucking illuminated, he said he could see every pulse and spray forced out. He talked about how cool it was to see for days.

As I laid back, Blue at my side, my husband crawled up and spread my legs. For a fleeting second I felt ashamed and resistant to being on display. I had no idea what kind of flow I was having at that point, and I questioned a little if it was worth showing my trick off to our friend. But then I felt the glowing shaft push deep within. My husband tugged and bounced it a little when it reached the back of my pussy walls, what felt like my armpits. His vibrations started a hot flow of lava-like energy to my cunt. With every wiggle and jolt, it made its sound, its whoosh, taking me back to the days of being in love with Hans Solo, as a little girl.


With their verbal encouragement, along with the sound effects I was soon demonstrating my squirting prowess. I just have to mention here, that I did in fact learn to squirt because of beautiful Ms. Hyacinth’s I know how to make myself squirt post. Its an amazing thing that I can be free to drench the bed or faces or groins, and feel proud of it. Thank you Hy!

Blue was impressed with the demonstration, and my clouds were lifting and I was seeing and feeling clear again. I went to clean myself up while they chatted about our fuck session.

Blue asked if he could take my cuffs off now. I hesitantly obliged, wishing I could keep them. In an effort to prolong the experience I asked if he could show me how he wants me cuffed. So first he gently locked my hands in front of me, taking a chance to show me loving and soft touches. He looked into my eyes and told me, “you are such a good girl, we don’t need these.”

I didn’t want to be a good girl though, so I did my best impression of a criminal. I’m sure it was quite comical, but it was fun. I was obtuse and defiant, begging to be roughed up instead of surrendering. I wanted the cuffs on, but Blue refused. Instead he showed me how just a simple grab of my wrist could make me submit to anything. Seconds later I was brought to my knees, pulled up again, and thrown on the bed. All because he knew certain pressure points, or something, I don’t quite know because it put me back into that dense and echoing head space. I could sense my husband needing to gain control again, so I stood next to him and stopped playing the game.

We left the bedroom and went into the kitchen for water. We talked about how we did everything we envisioned doing, everything we had talked about. Blue asked if we could have me ride him next time and I answered with an enthusiastic, “YES!” That is his favorite position he says, and his wife won’t do it because she says he is too big. I guess my magical pussy is deep and forgiving. Aren’t you glad you know that? LOL.

We said our goodbyes and made plans to keep in touch whenever we sensed a free moment coming that could be taken advantage of. He secretly caressed my ass as my husband turned his back, and gave me a look of hunger and need. We hugged him goodbye and he was sent back to his wife.

As usual, after our threesome, my husband and I cuddled in bed, caressing one another and getting back to a state of monogamous feelings. We recounted each detail, with him reaching down to rub my used pussy, and me reaching down to find him hard again. After taking care of his erection again, we drifted off to sleep together, holding, feeling the love.

25 thoughts on “Blue: Part Three

  1. wow wow wow… Damn girl you left me panting over here…
    I love how you two reconnected after Blue was gone. Perfect. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comments because I just didn’t know if I should post it….

      That reconnection is incredibly important. He needs to know that he is my favorite man on the planet. He needs to feel like I’m thankful for the experience…there are pitfalls, I’m not going to lie. Two out of the three guys we have done this with have tried to set something up with me on the side, to exclude my husband (its twisted certainly, but tempting because of the danger). I think that once they fucked me they felt some form of ownership. So just be aware that can happen.

  2. Oh bloody hell…. those posts were amazing… you would not believe how difficult it is to sit on the couch and pretend I’m reading the news now when there are only two things I want to do now – fuck (and hard) or learn how to squirt!

    I will certainly do at least one of those very soon. Might come back for more lessons!

    • Hy’s lessons on squirting were spot on, first time I tried it worked. It was awesome! Of course my hubby thought it was his doing, but I let him know he could thank her.

      As for you getting fucked, and hard, I hope its going on right now! Oh now I’m getting all warm again imagining it!

  3. I loved reading it all. I’m happy for you, you seem a damn lucky girl 🙂

  4. Damn got a huge bulge in my pants now. Hot hot hot story…

  5. “… I was still in that separate plane of existence, the fog wrapped around my mind like an eerie insulation”
    It sounds like you had gone into what the D/s community call subspace. You can become like a rag doll, open to anything, in control of nothing.
    I have some educational pics, they might well chime with your experiences.

    • I am VERY afraid of anything to do with D/s because of my natural tendencies to please people….goes way deeper but that is a head space I can see being very addictive and fulfilling in a way that I have never felt.

      So I shy away. I’m intrigued by your comment though.

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  11. The three post combination makes for a powerful story. now I’m even more intrigued by the comment that you don’t speak to him anymore. I guess I’ll have to keep reading

    • It wasn’t posted why it happened. He was a nice guy but I chose to cross a boundary with him that I later regretted. My husband was willing to forgive me for the mistake but we could no longer talk to Blue.

  12. Oh well, live and learn and move ahead. That is all we can do.

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  17. The Force was most DEFINITELY with you, G!

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