filled and fooled


a beginning


in an indistinct timeless moment you stripped my bolts and muscled open my gussets

my wounds from your entry have healed but my scar is still not mature, a slight flaw

inside my boundaries you left deep impressions with your graffiti scrawl so incandescent

I rouse and my vision is amplified

the next orbit we met between my barefooted walk on the long runway, the seemingly endless straight shaft of land ahead dotted with a hooker oak having fingers that reached for me,

and the deafeningly silent heavy blanket of new fallen snow on forests of cedar and pine, my happy place…

together we filled in the absence of color between the graphic black and white lines of your etched words, and created an abstract masterpiece, my heart woven with yours

What will tonight bring?





10 thoughts on “a beginning

  1. This is incredible writing. Thank you for giving of yourself, so that we may be moved.

  2. vision amplified—great prose, very well done!! waiting for “what tonight will bring” !!

  3. “What will tonight bring?”
    What indeed?
    Beautiful piece, my friend.

  4. I say this with all sincere honesty, but your writing is the first I have seen that is sensual but tender. This is erotic poetry, and I have ever said this until now. Please continue! xxx

    • Thank you so much! Your comment touched me, I really don’t know what to say except thank you! Considering the high caliber of your writing, its just so kind of you to encourage me! I hope these feelings and mental images keep flowing for me, as long as that happens I’m going to be here. In a short time I have become a little obsessed with writing and reading, its nice.

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