filled and fooled


Dear Husband:


Well hello, if you are reading this, you found my blog.

I know you must be confused, finding that I started a blog about my fantasies and perhaps a little about our sex life (at time of writing this, I have yet to post anything about OUR actual experiences). As I write this, I am very confused on whether/whenever/however I should tell you about it.Β  I’ve passed into that time frame where its too late to tell you in a nonchalant way. When I asked you if I should start a sexy blog so I could write about our threesomes and future experiences, you seemed indifferent. I moved along. Until…

I started this blog for innocent reasons. I comment on a few that I read (you knew I liked reading) and wanted to post a photo or two of myself (attention whore). Like I have told you many times, our experiences should be documented. This journey we are on is pretty unique and cool. Maybe I envisioned us sitting together to write posts and read/reply to comments, choose which photos to post… But that wouldn’t have worked and we both know it. So I went to this place alone. I’ve cloaked myself well enough in the dark trench coat of my hair and photo editing. But you know I’m not experienced as a sneaky person, there is a chance I will be found out. I try to be safe, but what do I know about internet security.

So, while we are here, I’m going to bundle this discovery of yours with a few other things I have been keeping from you, since you are probably a little mad already.

– Just because I walk by you doesn’t mean I want to kiss you, be hugged by you, groped. Maybe we can keep it at one per hour? Especially if you just got done chewing your food or taking a big drink of something. I know you think that so many woman crave attention from their men, and I think you are right. But what we’ve done here is swung the entire opposite direction and now I feel I have to “put up” with this because any time I ask for a bit of space you get highly offended, and then once again remind me of how lucky I am to have a husband that worships the ground I walk on. One grope per hour, please?

– When I’m asked a question like, “what do you like about MMF threesomes?” and I answer, “I like being worshiped by two men, and I really like sucking a cock while being fucked doggy-style.” That is my answer to what I really like. I don’t like you adding, “and I like watching my husband suck another cock.” Because the reality is, what I REALLY like about threesomes is having two other guys to please me. I certainly don’t mind watching you make another guy cum in your mouth. It is hot. And it doesn’t change the way I love you in any way. But its not the thing I really like about the threesomes.

– Stop being so goddamn lazy! If your wife is outside in the cold rain cleaning up the yard so we can have OUR friends over for a bonfire, fucking help me! It doesn’t matter if those toys were spread out on “my watch”, it should only matter that if you think I’m a perfect goddess then you should serve me. Seeing your head pointed at the blaring glowing rectangle for hours on end, really really does nothing for me.

– While I’m telling secrets… I have a goal to fuck Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Rodgers. Maybe at the same time, maybe not. You know I’m not a big football fan, but those California boys make my pussy twinge in such a good way, I can almost give in to enjoying a game with you when one of them are playing!

I know all that is probably making you hurt or at least a bit more angry than you were a few minutes ago when you had just found my blog, if you have read this far without flying off the handle, I offer you these facts:

– You hold the key to my Yoni, my LLB, my pussy, and you know the magical combination to make me your fountain of pussy juicy delight. I love that you can make me squirt in less than 30 seconds when you bang your special rotation of fingers into my sloshy pussy. I love that you don’t mind me splashing your knee as I straddle it. Your face as I straddle it. I love that you love my taste.

– You know just how and when to whisper exactly what I need to hear. And when your voice rumbles that you love your whore wife so much that you have to share her with men who can fill her to the hilt and make her cum over and over. Baby you push me to the edges of cliffs into valleys and back up over, and I pool my heart into your waiting hand along with my womanly extract. I am yours.

– I know just how hard you work to provide for us, and this is why I work so hard to satisfy your every need. I am thankful for this time at home with my babies, and we know all this hard work will pay off. Sure, you may have been justified when you told me to, “stop reading blogs all day, get your fingers out of your pussy, and remember to call the cable company!!” and that is why I smiled at you and agreed. But just think about how much happier I have been lately and then ask yourself if this blogging is a good thing.

– Finally, maybe blogging will allow me to open up to the idea of having a FFM or FMF threesome. You should stop being mad and ponder that thought for a few minutes. Now meet me in the bedroom where I will be waiting for you on my knees, mouth wet and ready.

With all the love in my heart, and a few more secrets that are mine to keep,

Your Wifey

24 thoughts on “Dear Husband:

  1. Love it!!! And laughed out loud at your cleaning the yard comment!! Wonderfully fun, intelligent, entertaining . . . AND arousing reading. So glad to have found you . . . I will come often!!!

  2. This was brilliantly-written and hilarious!

  3. mmm… Well… makes me re-think of my own special case… Not that I’m like your husband, but some criticism always helps…

    Nice post. If he ever finds the blog, I think he will probably not know how to react. I wouldn’t… I mean… well, somehow that must deserve some pleasurable spanking πŸ˜‰

    • I think he thinks that best friends and husbands/wives have to share every deep dark secret with each other. I need a separate space, somehow, so I guess it means this secret “head space”. He follows me to the bathroom worse than the kids! (Sorry I had to get that out.)

      When you mention spankings you might be right, my reaction is that I should make this blog as naughty and secret as possible, as the punishment for him eventually finding it would really be like a prize.

  4. Something tells me that if your hubby stumbles upon this blog, his reaction won’t be all that terrible. It is a valid concern that many sex-bloggers, myself included share, worrying that somehow a spouse might stumble upon the intimate secrets we so openly share with anyone willing to do a few key word searches on the Internet.

    There is a real choice you have to make: If you share the blog with your spouse, you lose the ability to be completely honest when it comes to those irritants that you just need to get off your chest from time to time. The complaint about cleaning the yard in the rain – it had to be written and vented, and we all, even us lazy husbands understand that.

    On the flip side, there are many enjoyable blogs out there written by one spouse with the full knowledge of the other or in some cases, contributed by both. I always think those people seem so happy and in love. I also wonder if either of them has another secretly written blog telling the real story.

  5. “Baby you push me to the edges of cliffs into valleys and back up over, and I pool my heart into your waiting hand along with my womanly extract. I am yours.”
    Favorite line!

    Now, I completely understand why you would want to keep this blog a secret. I am more than blessed (and just really fucking lucky) that, although Henri knows the blog exists, he respects it enough not to read it, treating it almost as a diary. It started as a secret, but with him knowing, our sex life improved and he likes knowing that what we do may end up on the blog. But it’s not as easy for other people. I suggest you do keep it a secret for now; you love him enough not to hurt him with things he may not be able to handle. Many don’t understand that there are demons we must face alone in order to feel better about ourselves. xxx

  6. Oh bloody hell. What an amazing post, and story!

    Don’t stop writing, and don’t share if that’s not what you want to do πŸ˜‰ But certainly keep sharing with *us*….

  7. as secrets go, this one is absolutely acceptable; i think that the biggest problem hubby would have is his discovery that his wife is more independent and headstrong than he had imagined….however, i say this as someone who has read just three of your posts; essentially i know nothing!!

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