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The Field Trip


“Fuck fuck fuck!!!” I tap on the keypad after getting all of us into the car.

Just as I manage to hit send, the kids, totally restless in the back seat yell at me to, “just go!” Rude. Don’t they know I need to catch my breath a second before driving? I guess they wouldn’t, thank god.

Carefully putting the car into reverse, I navigate the narrow parking lot, to the exit. My friends wave goodbye as their kids enjoy the last few seconds of freedom before being thrown into their seats and buckled down. As I am pulling away I look back to see if he is watching. I catch a glimpse of him in the upstairs window, a dark shadow of a tall muscular man, watching me, watching us drive away.

My drive home and the loud Christmas music occupying kid minds affords a chance to replay the details of what just happened. My legs quiver slightly and a chill runs down my right side. I take a big breath of the warm air blasting out of the vent toward my face.

It all started really innocent. In fact, its funny to start the story like this because its true for most encounters I have. Perhaps I should look into this more. Anyway… we were going to have a few days free and a break in the  freezing weather so I was brainstorming on fun and free activities to do with my little ones. After a friend in a different town had raved about it, I decided to set up a field trip for us and a few other mommy friends to one of the local fire stations. My children get so excited to see a fire truck, even just the fire department as we drive by, I knew they would love it. The gentleman I talked to on the phone was enthusiastic and friendly, letting me know that they do this all the time, and they have a few fun things to make the experience even more exciting. Sweet.

The day came and I let the kids in on our plan for a field trip. As they excitedly dressed in their costume firefighter gear, I prepped myself like usual. Since I’m just hanging out with the other mommies I didn’t try too hard.  I wore a tight white v-neck, my favorite flower leggings, a jean jacket, scarf and fuzzy boots. I kept my hair down and wavy, applied a little mascara and lip gloss. Cute and MILF-y

As we pulled up to park in front of the office of the fire department, we excitedly waved to my mommy friends and their kids waiting by the fire hydrant outside.  The kids hopped out to eagerly play together as the moms laughed at them and chatted. My friend Evelyn whispers, “I hope they’re hot!”

Oh Evelyn.

With a loud boom and thunderous roll the large garage door started its ascent and the kids quieted and turned to face the firehouse. As the huge firetrucks within were revealed the kids gasped with joy, at the same time out walked two men dressed in tight blue t-shirts.  The mommies surrounding me all stopped talking and a collective silence of women holding their breath swept across us and the parking lot.

Over the next several minutes I observed the men completely engage the children with their speech. Discussing what its like to fight fires, sleep in the firehouse, and drive the big trucks was so fascinating to the kids that they stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed. I had a chance to step back and lean against the biggest of the trucks to just watch. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a hose bib but I also saw another man behind me watching the group. I spun around to look at him, and as I do he abruptly turned away and walked toward the kids. “Who wants to see where we live?” he asks enthusiastically and then introduced himself as the Captain.

After the cheers had quieted we started on our way. The tour was quick but the living quarters were impressive. I noticed myself getting excited and my fantasies start taking over my thoughts as we walked into the men’s bedrooms. For a fleeting moment I pondered on the generosity of them to be so inclusive on this tour. But then, I actually felt my pussy tighten and loosen with a flow of wetness to my panties as we walked through the gym. The last part of the tour was the kitchen, which was lovely and extremely white and clean. I joked with one of the firemen that I would love to come and cook for them one day just to use that kitchen. The Captain laughed and I noticed he was quite close behind me. I felt this awkward silence needing to be filled, so I uttered, “mmm may maybe I will bring you some cookies at least.” Good one G.

As our tour ended back in the garage the men asked if we have any questions. Evelyn quickly spoke up. “I was hoping you could put on your fire gear for us, in case one day you have to come to the house, you know, so the kids can see that you are not scary.” Evelyn if the kids see the fireman all dressed up they won’t be scared of them! They know these guys are the heroes. They will be scared enough by the reason the firemen are there, silly. But thanks for this, girlfriend!

The men reacted surprisingly to her request, looking around at each other and smiling. “Of course, the Captain is actually the best getting dressed fast, lets time him,” one of the guys jabs. The kids all cheerfully agreed and sat down to surround the Captain as he puts his gear down at his side. The mommies hovered behind their children, standing across from me in this circle was Evelyn, who flashed a very satisfied smile at me.

“Ready, set, go!” In under thirty seconds the Captain pulled into his boots, turnouts, and helmet. Much to my surprise my kids started clamoring in fear at my legs. I dropped down to their level to comfort them, resting both knees on the cool concrete floor. I was acutely aware of my position, on my knees looking up at a towering symbol of Hero. My kids hid behind my back but I was mesmerized and stayed on my knees, as if I was worshiping his manhood.

As the kids around us were reacting with a mix of laughter and fear, the Captain dropped down into a crawling position. The firemen explained that sometimes they have to crawl around to find people in a burning structure. As they explained this, the Captain demonstrated by crawling right at me! I was taken and somewhat embarrassed but remained in my worship position. He crawled up face to face with me. I felt the eyes of the mommies on me, and through his fire-resistant face mask I saw the twinkle of a wink. He winked his icy blue eye at me!

I decided at this point that I should switch to a different position and I quickly sat down and swung my leg forward. My kids pile into my lap happily as we watched him take off all his gear, piece by glorious piece.  Although I’m happy to be there to mother them, the kids certainly impeded my heaving breaths as I pushed back feelings of need for this Captain. Thump, thump, thump. Wow.

To wrap up our field trip we all sauntered outside to the fire hydrant where the firemen demonstrated hooking up the fire-hose. Much to their joy each child was able to hold the heavy hose and feel the buck of the water as it erupted from the brass nozzle. As my youngest ended a turn holding the hose, I heard a terrible scream. I ran over to see what happened and found that my child’s hand was pinched by the valve. The Captain arrived at my side quickly to assess the situation, and then whisked us back inside for some first aid treatment. As we walked back I non verbally checked in with Evelyn and she gave me a jealous squint that she agreed to watch over my other little one.

Back inside the station we sat on the back of a truck and he administered an ice pack and dressed the wound with sweet tender touches. His blue eyes were adorned by the start of smile lines that only a happy and fun-loving person earns. His smooth skin was clean shaven, and his lips were subtly pouty even though he smiled most of the time. Our hands brushed against each other several times as my little one struggled to be freed to climb up the back of the truck.  We laughed because at the same time I was I thanking him profusely,  he was apologizing profusely. We agreed to forget it ever happened, and shook on it. Our slightly awkward hand embrace was interrupted by my little one attempting a dangerous jump. I tried to push away my embarrassingly aroused feelings, and mustered that we better get going.  As we started walking back he asked me to wait for one more thing and ran back to the front of the truck to grab a stuffed animal. Lovingly he handed it to my little one, who then quickly ran off ahead of us to show our friends.

As we continued our walk back toward the crowd and I glanced to the right and spotted the fire pole. Oh god, its a pole! Suddenly I cannot hold back any longer. I have passed into the “I don’t care what happens I need it now” stage. My mind is one track and I feel another gush of wetness as I step forward. I stop and find him still watching me, smiling slightly, waiting. I know I should hurry home to my dildo or wand, I know I need to get my kids before they wonder where I am. I know I know I know…“Um…can you show me…I mean us…how you slide down the pole?”

I knew I shouldn’t have asked him. I knew the best thing would be leaving him behind and maybe dropping off those cookies another day, after I’ve gotten myself off over and over thinking of him and his soft hands touching me. But I don’t listen to those inner voices. I stood still watching him and waited for his response with an increasingly naughty grin breaking free from my red lips. I flicked my eyes at him and lifted my chin slightly.

He walks up to me and quietly says, “I can let you slide down my pole if you want.”

As I recount this in the car I am almost brought to orgasm and I reach down to adjust my wet leggings. I remember my knees almost buckled at that point and how I audibly shuddered and drew in my breath, looking him deep in the eye and flashing my sultry smile. Then I committed, “okay, I’ve never done it before and I’ve always wanted to.” I’m all in.

He took me by the hand and led me upstairs to his sleeping quarters. Overcome with lust, I had no thought but to resume my position from downstairs. Flashing to the crawling and his wink, I dropped to my knees. The carpet was much more forgiving.  He laughed and stepped back as I looked up at him, obviously he was not expecting my fervor. I pulled him forward by looping my fingers in his pockets and whispered to him, “we don’t have much time, let me do this, I want it.”

I heard the faint sounds of my chatty friends and all the children below, inside the garage part of the firehouse and near the base of the pole.  I swiftly popped the button out and simultaneous pulled down his zipper. I looped my fingers in his pockets again and easily ripped the Captain’s pants down. I marveled at how his briefs were strained by the power of his erection, his bulge layed sideways with a teardrop mark of wetness at the head. I knew to expect it to bob up to greet me enthusiastically as I pulled off the last tiny layer of his clothing. My intuitions were correct as his cock sprang to my lips, upon impact I was comforted by the warm tasty  saltiness of his dripping hard cock and a clean soapy and heady smell wafted to my nose. I “mmmmnnn”ed and flashed him my big brown eyed innocent look before I initiated the worship of his cock, just as I had envisioned moments before during his demonstration.

Gently taking the head in my mouth I tested his sensitivity with a spiraling tongue. Both of my hands caressed his shaft, running over the bulging veins, feeling it pulse to my touch. I started working one hand near the head in unison with my dancing tongue, while the other hand explored his thighs and traveled around to his tight round ass. Exploring this muscular, heroic, and tender man drove me crazy.  As I tasted him I felt my clit swell, and the familiar aching and tensing that takes over my pussy when I need it to be filled. I reached down and tugged on my leggings, pulling the seam up between my pussy lips to massage my clit. As I came back to full attention on him I realized the teasing I was doing to him had gotten him extremely close to cumming, his breath was short and his stance was weak. He leaned back against the cabinet behind him and braced himself as best he could.

I pulled my wet mouth off him and whispered, “put your hands on my head.” He  complied as I pushed my face over him and he filled my throat with his gorgeous cock. I swallowed back my instinct to gag and I felt him slip further in. His hands clenched and I felt my hair pulled into two hand fulls. I swallowed again, swallowing my fears, inhibitions, need to breath, and pummeled him with my slutty mouth. I closed my eyes and slipped into a different reality, I’m the porn star, I’m the girlfriend, I’m the wife, I’m the servant. I had no goal but to make him explode his hot salty mess down my throat, and maybe some on my tits to sneak on my husband later. The Captain fucked my face at a violent pace, using me like he saw I needed, until he erupted into my mouth. So much cum dumped into my throat that I couldn’t keep up and it naturally spilled to my chin, neck, and breasts.

I looked up at him thankfully, and licked my lips telling him, “damn you taste good.” He glanced at me reticently as he pulled his clothes on. I went to the small restroom and cleaned up while he waited outside the door. As I exited he pulled me into him and kissed me. His passion sparked another wave of push and pull in my LLB (my cunt), and I could feel my jeans take in another small splash of my womanly juices. It was really time to get home now.  Still on the high of feeling like a good cock worshiping whore, I swaggered to the pole and looked down.

“Hey Mama” my kids shouted up at me. I smiled and my cheeks blazed with a hot pink hue.  “Slide down, Mama!” Oh fuck, I guess I should. Carefully placing one, then two hands on the pole, I stepped up and wrapped my legs tightly around and felt myself slide very slowly down the pole as everyone watched. I could smell my pussy and felt a wetness on my hands as I descended. The Captain flew down the pole shortly after I had stepped away from the base, and I caught him glance at his hands and take a short sniff. He smiled at me and I at him. I refused to be embarrassed at that point, after what I just did for him. As I joined back up with the group Evelyn sneered at me,  I ignored her and gathered my kids and belongings and hugged friends goodbye. I gave each fire man a quick and bashful thank you, and we left the building.

Walking back to the car, the guilty feelings began right away, but I pushed them back down. I noticed the white stickiness of his cum dots my bosom and I pulled my scarf over to protect and savor it. I get out my phone and begin tapping a message to my best friend. Fuck fuck fuck!!!… I need your best cookie recipe right away.

35 thoughts on “The Field Trip

  1. Aaaaaaaahhhh!!! OMG that was fantastic!!!!! Fuck. I just met a fireman on AM, too 😉

  2. “I’ll let you slide down my pole” Nice one : )
    You can suck my bong pipe any time you want. I miss my bong. I left it at home and won’t be back til around New Year’s. What is a man without his bong pipe?

    • And I of course meant that only in the most literal sense!!!
      Women have dirty minds.

    • I miss my bong too…. You should get a nice little travel water pipe. Not the same though. I hope for you to find a stoner lady friend there with a 3 foot bong.

      I do love visiting friends and taking pulls off their bongs, so I would love a taste of what your packing.

      • Currently, the super-dense cola bud from my own closet grown organic. It is a lovely smoke. And you’re welcome to it if you’re ever in or around VT. Well, maybe the next batch, anyway, whenever that is. I don’t know if this will last long.
        I want the bong from the beginning scene of Cabin in the Woods. A fold-up coffee mug bong would be great for camping and hiking. I think I’m going to Google that thing now and see if anyone really sells them.
        Sadly, it doesn’t look like it. Pisser. I’m going to have to get creative and make one myself, I guess. That’s the motivational power of ganj right there.

  3. Wow very well written. Was that real?

  4. Awesome! I had a fireman experience once too! (I did it in an emergency vehicle…but not a cool big-ass American firetruck.) You are an excellent writer!


  5. great story and writing!!!

  6. I don’t what to say about this, except that it was BLOODY BRILLIANT!
    Oh, and ridiculously hot…

  7. Loved it!!! I don’t know how many times I have had a fantasy like this running through my mind. And with a Fireman? I’ve always wondered what they’re packing.
    I love your dirty, eloquent mind. I am glad to be an avid reader ;-).
    Oh and I loved the bong talk (comments). What a wonderful day it would be if we all got together, smoked from a bong, and had one hell of an orgy? All of us naughty writers together…. Bliss! xxx

    • May I join you? 😉

    • Thank you so much Scarlett!! Yes, lets do it! We should all write a story together about what the orgy would be like!!! And the smoking a bong part, its interesting because I don’t like to admit to many people I do it, but its not a bad thing, just another layer of myself. Its nice to have these layers collide; sexy, smoking, writing, yes!!!

      • I’m surprised at the amount of people who do it, all coming from different races and financial backgrounds.
        All of us writing an orgy story….now that is something! If you set up it, we shall follow! xxx

        • So true, back when I was in school I was surprised at the professors but now its the CEO or my primary physician getting a bag from my friend.

          I like the idea of a collaborative effort but I’m so not an organizer type…lol. I just like throwing ideas out there. 😉

  8. Most excellent!

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    your pectoral muscle tissues.

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  13. You pulled me in, G. I was so SURE this one was true. Loved reading it. Great imagination.

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