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the last few days…


the last few days...

I know breastfeeding isn’t supposed to be sexualized, because then people are offended when its done publicly.Β  Its a beautiful thing. Breasts are gorgeous but add this other level and I just….sigh…I am sad that the end is coming. I love this photo, and I am going to post it with these thoughts:

Please don’t masturbate, its just food photography.

37 thoughts on “the last few days…

  1. stunning to say the least-very pretty picture!!!

  2. very cool shot of your food!

  3. your more than welcome!!

  4. you girls have to many beads bangles bows plus art and crafty shit stored, i feel like i’m in laguna–good lord to many tins and boxes lmao–!!

  5. I’m a big fan of food photography, but that’s a shot I could never get in my garden : )

  6. I am a total supporter of mothers breastfeeding wherever necessary, though for everyone’s sake, think that if done in the toy section at Walmart, ought to be done with one of those covers or something that at least keeps it from the leering eyes of perverted 40-year-olds. It’s funny though, as much as I totally agree it is not in any way sexual, you can’t un-see the breast of the lady who just whipped it out before the hungry child gets started.

    I have a friend on FB who just gave birth and some of the first photos she posted were of the newborn latched onto her teat. I had zero sexual thoughts as I viewed these most intimate and beautiful early moments of life and the bonding that was taking place.

    But I could not help but notice the massive, silver dollar sized or bigger areola that extended way beyond the nipple the child was so lovingly sucking on. Sweet mother of God, I have never seen such a thing, not even on National Geographic!

    This mother, who is not on the list of sex bloggers that I follow, just put them out there for everyone to see. Now that I have seen them, is it okay to say, in a non-sexual way of course, wow, I have never seen honkers with such enormous aerola? I’m guessing not.

    I support public breastfeeding, but I don’t have tonot like it.

    I know, I’m going straight to hell for that.

    • Haha! Sure its okay say or thin (less the “honkers” lol), but now I better email you a boob pic to see how my areola compare!

      I know what you mean about covering them, I don’t get offended at looks and glances, my tits are huge and beautiful, how could someone not look if I’m pulling one out the top of my shirt? It is interesting, awe-inspiring, thought/memory provoking, its simple Electra complex shit.

  7. i was in the garden this morning, i went to the forbiddin fruit section hoping to find one or two succulent melons, but i digress, all that was found were oranges that will be ready in a week, maybe i need to apply more fertilizer!!!!

  8. sending pic’s !!!!

  9. yes and sent lol!!

  10. Gorgeous picture. Love the leg beside… πŸ™‚

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  12. I long for those days of breastfeeding. And mourn the loss of any future ones. So, so, so sad. And beautiful. πŸ™‚

    • It is bittersweet. But I sure love this new freedom and don’t want to give it up for anything. One silly thing, I can drink coffee at night now, without having a little one bouncing off the walls at bedtime…big “duh” moment there.

  13. Sorry! I can’t look at a nipple as erect and delicious as that and not want to suck on it and tongue fuck the woman connected to it. I would love to pleasure u. My hands full of your amazing full breasts and my mouth full of your succulent, dripping pussy. Yes, yes I would like that very much

    • I have never had a woman tell me that, it made me tingle.

      • I’m glad it made u tingle. I’d like to do things to you that would make u more than tingle. Ideally, id like to make u shudder and squeal, moan and mutter incoherently and buck against my face as u orgasm uncontrollably, filling my mouth with your sweet cum.

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  15. Saying this is just food photography is like saying the Sistine Chapel is simply a cool place to hang out, G.

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