filled and fooled


little love boxes


Some carry trunks full of ideals for love

Some carry tattered thoughts in their back pocket

I carried mine in a pretty little box

Open the box and you would find requirements, what-ifs, expectations, “perfect”, tests, fears

It isn’t as pretty inside is it?

“Little Love Box” is what I’m going to start calling my cunt, LLB for short. I wish this post could be about my LLB, and its needs, but I’m just not feeling it today.

I’m surrounded by people going through heartbreak, lost love, blown expectations. At the same time I’m drowning in guilt for the light-hearted way I’m approaching having sex with a married man, my friends are finding husbands cheating on them right and left.

Get that, I’m guilty for not feeling guilt. Shouldn’t I just be guilty for contributing to the delinquency of a husband that is not mine? I’m making my boundaries clear, he is somewhat respectful of them. Another story for another day, I promise, its being written as soon as I have a good chunk of time alone…

10 thoughts on “little love boxes

  1. I have felt guilt over not feeling guilt WAY more times than I’ve felt guilt for something I’ve actually done.

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  4. I have certainly been there, but I have felt guilt over not feeling guilt over *my* behaviour, even though I really should have…

    …weird, eh.

  5. We all have choices to make, G.
    No one can be blamed for my choices but me. Period.

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