filled and fooled


I have no animus, I want it all


daddy, i offer you all control
i am a tender hearted little girl
twitching and twirling my locks as i await your command
your protection cups my heart with a calloused hand


brother, give me control
i need to be free to spread my wings
yearning to immerse myself in evolving conclusions
together let us disprove worldly illusions


lover, you bring me to my knees and i fight for control
i push and pull from the depths of my soul

body and mind pinned against a cold wall

we battle til the end, our war cries heard by all


secrets, you distracted me until i lost control

under the star saturated night sky you lead me away

your mystical eyes are such a dangerous temptation

let us live in a world standing still, pay us no attention


husband, we vowed to a equal balance of control
i have strength gained from power you bestowed
standing tall we hold hands and build our kingdom together
our hearts intertwine to build a bond not easily severed


man, you can momentarily borrow control
i call to you in sweet and heady wafts swirling to your senses
readily accepting your seed explosion into my waiting womb
in exchange for the security of your nest as my motherly instincts bloom.


DAMN FORMATTING ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever, I’ve been working on this poem for too long I just want it posted. Fixed again, but not fixed. I am totally lame.

8 thoughts on “I have no animus, I want it all

  1. Lovely! xxx

  2. This is beautiful honey. Beautiful.

  3. What can I say? Beautiful…

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