filled and fooled


15 thoughts on “Loose fingers

  1. What can I say? Beautiful pic and prose…

  2. So beautiful – LOVE it! And your boobs 😉

  3. thank you for the kind travel wishes from hy’s blog, barstow baker and stateline are still there lol, even passed them again on my way back sunday—i made it home safe and sound…..
    very pretty pic of you!! sensual!!

  4. i just thought it was funny when you mentioned baker and barstow since i was leaving for vegas–so i said it to !
    ty-i did make it back safe and had a great time…
    what is the “proper goodbye” ??

    • It had just popped into my head right then. I hate that drive, mostly.

      Proper goodbye is simple, “goodbye” or “I’m done” or “I think we should call it quits.”

      For the record I have not gotten this goodbye, nor do I really want it, ever!

  5. the drive up doesn’t bother me, but why is the drive back longer than the drive up lol?
    hmmmmm to the proper goodbye” i hope you don’t ever get it also!
    btw when i first saw your pic it looked like stevie nick’s- from fleetwood mac….


  6. your welcome–i’ll take lace and black lace at that–ty!!

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