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Bad Neighbor


“Summer in this place is just so different.”

Megan released blooms of menthol cigarette smoke from her lungs as she spoke.  The air of the bar’s patio was dense and thick with the smell of stale tequila and cheap cigarettes.  She made a weak attempt to fan her smoke above the heads of her sweet roommates whose elbows rocked the creaky table as they nodded at her statement in unison.  It was true, and it was nothing they hadn’t all said before, this college town turns into a different place with all the rich kids go back “home”.

Janet and Lydia kept their chins rested in their palms and elbows on table, looking more distant and bored than two girls out on the town should look.  Another Friday night, one week ticking away from summer’s freedom.  Soon school would resume and the girls would be back to classes, seeing one another in passing on the way to the kitchen or bathroom.

“But the men here are the locals, or at least willing to stay for the summer, it makes them better.” Gwen pointed at the groups of young men as she spoke and waved away the creeping smoke from Megan’s exhale.  Men at nearby tables looked up when she said “men” and most of then smiled when she finished her bold statement. The girls all laughed self-consciously.

Gwen was confident and outspoken, she looked like one of the hippie chicks she was with, but there was more to her, she could fit into any crowd. She was tall and curvy, sporting long brown locks with a natural wave. Long eyelashes framed deep burnt carmel eyes, there was never a need for makeup, she was a natural beauty. Whether at home or out, she dressed to accentuate her large chest mostly with some kind of ornate necklace.  When she spoke it always commanded attention, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We should just go home, move the party there.”  Gwen said it loud enough that her hope of enticing one of the men over to talk was clear. The men at the tables surrounding the girls remained seated, chatting with their friends. Gwen sunk down into her seat, her cheeks flushed with rejection.

Megan was right, the laid back atmosphere of the bars during the summer was a stark contrast to the ascending excitement of a fall or spring night. During the summers most of the students at the university go back home, leaving the same locals at the same bars night after night. Though Gwen was trying to make the best of it, it is true the local men seemed to play a game of hard-to-get. Even after she announced the superiority of locals to the room, it seemed that most of the cute boys were more interested in the trivia game contraption on the table.

Regardless of the man-situation that summer, the girls knew how to have a good time in their small town.  They walked with an heir about them, they were at the top of the food chain, untouchable…certainly it is clear now years later that they were made it too hard to be approached.  At their “usual” bars, the drinks were cheap and cold, the air conditioning abundant and sometimes smelly but free. Conversations were always more intimate and uninhibited between the girls if they thought it might tease the men around them.

But tonight the vibe was not there.

After a few more drinks the girls decided they were going to head home, and off they went arm in arm to the house they shared four blocks away.  As they walked up to the house Megan, Janet and Lydia walked ahead to chat with a group standing at the walkway to the front door.  Gwen recognized one of the guys from a psychology class she had in the spring.  He was one of the smart guys, but his long hair and deep brown eyes put him into a different category in her mind–she didn’t know his name though.

He walked over to her as the girls neared the front porch of their house.  “How has your summer been?”  They chatted about the class they shared, how its nice they are both around in the summer but weird they didn’t run into each other until now. Gwen decided then that she was very attracted to him, she didn’t just want to observe him anymore.  Then he asked, “I was wondering if you knew if Liza is home?”

Liza lived in the house behind the girls, alone, paid for by rich parents. While she was nice to have around because she always had top shelf liquor and after wearing  it once she offered up lots of free clothing and shoes.  But, she was a snobby bitch most of the time.  Her disgust at “regular people” showed through her fake smiles.  Gwen explained that Liza was on vacation with her parents for….

But before she could get it out, he was kissing her passionately.  In a few short moments Gwen went from going home to get her pajamas on, to sitting on a couch on the front porch of her house, making out with a guy she never realized she would see after the semester ended. The girls left their roomate with her new friend and retreated to bed.

The kissing was passionate and urgent, as if he had been wanting it the entire semester. He smelled of whiskey and coke, and the smell of weed rose from the front pocket of his t-shirt.  He mumbled, “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Gwen pulled him up and said, “do you want to go to my room?” He quickly nodded and followed her up the stairs and into her living room.  He sat on the couch, and she kneeled in front of him, looked up at his eyes.  He bent down and pulled her into him and they made out in that position, him pulling her up a bit as she knelt before him.  His lips were so soft and sweet, his kissing hard and enveloping.  Her mind wandered to what next, was it time to get naked?   Suddenly, Gwen looked around and realized that she was not in her house.  Not even close.  She should have realized it while walking up the stairs, because she had no stairs to get to her house.  The alcohol must have finally caught up to her.  She realized she was in Liza’s house.

“Um, this isn’t my house. I don’t know why the door was unlocked, but this is Liza’s house.”  She got up to leave, realizing just how drunk she was as she stumbled a bit. “But I guess she isn’t due to be home for a few days at least.”  Gwen’s heart raced after saying it, did she even know what day it was now?  Images of Liza walking through the door and seeing them flooded her mind.

He picked her up and carried her to Liza’s bedroom.  The bed was unmade, clothes and shoes covered the floor.   The light from the street lamp washed her skin in pale yellow light, and he pulled up her dress and pushed himself between her legs.  The bed creaked loudly as he thrust his dick in and out of her, Gwen let quiet moans escape her lips.  He pulled her legs up to his shoulders and penetrated her deeply,  sliding in her wet pussy easily.  After only a few more thrusts, he pulled out as he was about to cum.  Gwen quickly got up, picked out a sweater from Liza’s closet and they quietly left, avoiding Liza’s neighbor’s open door.

As they reached Gwen’s bedroom door they heard muffled sounds coming from Megan’s room, laughing more than moaning but it didn’t sound like normal sounds she had heard before.  Not one to judge or think about it too much, Gwen and him snuggled in her bed after getting naked again, they laughed as they recounted the feeling of realizing they were not in the right place.  And quickly the laughing turned to kissing and fondling as they recounted the feeling of being so naughty on Liza’s bed without her knowing.

The next morning, Gwen put on her new sweater and drove him home. In the car they agreed to never tell anyone what they did. The next time she saw Liza, she expected her to say something about the panties left in her room or the bed looking different, or the sweater.  At the end of the summer Liza moved out, and Gwen put her fears of getting caught to rest.



UPDATE: 12-29-13

I had written this story originally in October 2012.  It actually really happened to me, if you hadn’t figured it out I am “Gwen”.  I’ve decided to take on writing a bit more about what happened to me in college.  But before I do that, I’m going to let you know how this night went for the other girls.   As it was told to me several years later.    I didn’t realize just how much fun we all had that night.

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  3. Reblogged this on filled and fooled and commented:

    I’m going to be updating this story with what happened to the other girls while I had fun one-night-stand sex. This really happened to me about 14 years ago (I am “Gwen”). Enjoy!!

  4. Great story. You put me right into the scene…right there at the bar on a summer day 🙂 And, I would have definitely noticed ‘tall, curvy and brown locks’ with the ‘accentuated chest’ immediately. Just happens to me my favorite ‘flavor’ 😉

    • Nice, well I just wish you were having your shenanigans in my little town at the time. We could have had a lot of fun together!

      • Shenanigans is the perfect word lol – I was absolutely the guy who’d order a round of drinks and bring them to your table 😉 and I am flirting with the curvy brunette.

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