filled and fooled


a whole other level


I didn’t know I was watched by others while watching you.

Your gorgeous body made my pussy twitch and drip with my juices.

I would have done anything you said.

You told me it was all for me,

my body shivered and my cunt quivered.

I will always be your sexy secret mommy.

7 thoughts on “a whole other level

  1. Wow! Direct and sexy – nice work!

  2. ..And then I sued for invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, slander, defamation, and financial damages. 🙂

    • Hmmm, lol, I think?

      I was being stupid, thought “broadcast yourself” meant just friends could see. Then I realize a ton of comments like, “damn she must be horny” were popping up on the side from other people. I clicked out faster than I could come to my senses that I might actually like reading what they said. I just cared about one person though.

      Anyway, this truly happened and I wrote the post minutes after my cam session, if you are saying I took something from your blog, it is only a coincidence that my writing looks similar to yours.

  3. nooooooo 😉 i was being u, hypothectically and hollywoodically reacting to a sex tape made without my knowledge..
    just being silly..
    but really, u thot ‘BROADCAST yourself’ meant that only friends could see?

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