filled and fooled




I take your cock in hand, making sure you have a great view of the game of course, and hold the base as I work your head in my mouth gently. Then I realize what I really want is to slowly lick and kiss down to your balls. Paying special attention to them today, because I really want to take my time and enjoy. Plus I’m so thankful for the cum they will eventually shoot all over my face. I roll my tongue on caressing soft motion, tasting you, kissing everywhere before I take them in my mouth and suck. Yummy, why don’t I pleasure you like this more, I wonder. Then when I move up and push my mouth down on your cock, slowly, gently. I suck you harder as I take more in. I feel you hit the back of my throat and I gag and then swallow pulling it in more. It feels so good to have my mouth filled, I want it all. You are so hard.

The 49ers score a touchdown so I stand up, take off my (wet) panties, pull up my skirt a little, straddle your body. I push my sweet pussy down, grab your shoulders, and push down more. You are all the way in. I work my body up and down finding it easier to lean back and use the bed (or couch or fucking whatever) for leverage. You are watching the game, I’m the one winning. I fuck you at a nice pace, but I can’t help but to take some time to grind my hips and use your cock to get my g spot.

8 thoughts on “touchdown!

  1. You go girl, I don’t think the Eagles were the only one with a touchdown!!

  2. I don’t get those fellas who are fanatical about sports. I’d rather have what you offered rather than spend my time staring at a bunch of guys playing with a ball…

    Must be a recessive gene.

    • Haha! Yes, it sounded fun to make a game of it if I had to be there for the actual game.

      I have to admit that I watch Australian football (my eyes are pleased by the player’s tight little shorts and hot bods).

  3. I love it!!! I want to do this.

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