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Moving In


Written by a new friend of mine (more on that later) recently, this is a response to my “Fantasy: Hey Neighbor” post: Written from his point of view. Wow, this guy is good!

It was the day before I was set to move into my new place. I was so excited. Finally, I would have a house with multiple bedrooms and a place to put all my shit. I was so excited that I drove by the house that day. As I pulled into the driveway to look around, I noticed my new neighbors outside. It was a family of four. They looked nice enough. The mom and kids were outside playing and dad was just leaving for the day. Mom was very attractive. She had a nice figure, and great looking tits. I will definitely want to try to get to know her if possible.

They went back inside after dad left and I walked around the property of my new home. We shared a fence. I peeked through the cracks and noticed that had a nice backyard. They looked to have about the same layout as my house which mean our bedrooms were right next to each other. I peeked through my new windows and took note of a few things I would need to get at the hardware store.
That night I was again very excited about moving in the next day. I just wanted to be there. I had plans to hang out with friends, but called to cancel and drove to my new house again. I wanted to get a feel for the place at night.
His car was still gone when I pulled up. I sat there for a little while in my car looking at my new place. It was all mine. Tomorrow I would move in and start a new life. I started thinking about my new neighbors again. She was really sexy. I wondered…
I got out of my car and made my way between the houses. The gate was unlocked. I slowly walked through my new neighbor’s backyard. Their bedroom light was on. I rounded the corner around the back of the house. There was no one in the bedroom. I walked further. I looked through the sliding glass window to the living room. Mom was just picking up some toys. It looked like the kids were in bed and she was now alone. I watched her walk around the house. She was wearing a long t-shirt. Every time she bent over to pick up a toy I could see her ass. She obviously wasn’t wearing any underwear. And, her hard nipples protruded from her thin shirt. No bra either.
After she picked up the toys, she cleaned up the kitchen. My heart was pounding. My cock was getting hard. I couldn’t make myself leave. She shut off the lights and made her way into her bedroom. She picked things up a bit, washed her face, brushed her teeth, and shut the bathroom light off. I thought for sure she would be getting into bed and turning out the lights.
She lifted her shirt over her head and I watched as those beautiful tits fell from her shirt. I stood at the bedroom window in awe. My jaw dropped. My cock dripping with precum now. This would be over soon. I knew it.
But it wasn’t.
She ran her fingers over her breasts and then laid down in bed. She jumped back up to close the door. The lights must be going off now. They didn’t.

She laid down in bed again. Her hand wandered all over her body. Her head lay to the side. For a moment I thought she was looking at me through the window. I tried not to make any sudden movements. Her knees bent, feet slide in near her ass, and her legs opened wide. Her fingers slide down her body. He thigh was in the way and I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, but she was obviously enjoying it, and so was I. I looked around to make sure no one could see me and pulled my cock out of my pants. I slowly slid my fingers up and down the shaft. I didn’t want to cum too quickly although I wanted to explode so badly.

She used her fingers for a little while, then rolled towards me and pulled a dildo out of her night stand. I couldn’t believe what was happening before my eyes. I tried to make sure I kept looking around. This was so bad. But I couldn’t walk away.
I watched her slide that dildo inside of herself and work it in and out with one hand while she grasped her breast with the other hand. I wanted to jump through the window and take her right there. I got as close to her as I could. My cock was touching the window as I stroked. My breath made little circled of condensation in front of me.
I couldn’t hold back any longer. She was so hot. And I could hear her moans through the window. She was going to cum. I exploded all over her window. I shot load after load onto the window and it dripped down onto the window frame and down the siding of the house. I continued to watch until her hips lifted up into the air and I could hear her say, “Oh, FUCK!” and cum. She lay there for a few minutes afterwards. Her dildo still inside her. Her chest rising and falling with her breath.
Eventually, she slid the dildo out, and dropped it to the side of the bed. He body twitched still as the orgasm worked its way up and down her spine.
She crawled under the covers and as she turned off the light, I slipped around to the side of the house and back out to my car. I came again that night thinking about her. I wondered if she would be willing to do that again knowing that I was watching her. Or, maybe she would even let me help.
As I moved my stuff in the next day I obsessed over her. I wanted a reason to introduce myself. After hubby left for the day I made as much noise as I could no announce my presence to her. I saw her peak her head out to see what all the noise was and she definitely saw me.
I hatched a plan.
It was hot that day. So hot. I was constantly drinking water. Every couple trips into the house I would have to stop and take a few drinks. I would tell her my water wasn’t turned on yet and ask if I could have a drink. At the very least, I would get to introduce myself.
I went inside my place and took off my underwear. I was wearing loose shorts. I gave myself a few tugs so that she might be able to see the outline of my cock through my shorts. I walked over to her house. My heart was pounding. I knocked on the door. She answered. I could barely get the words out as we stood in her doorway. She believed it. She led me through the house into her kitchen. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She filled up my water bottle while we made small talk. I could tell she was attracted to me, but I was to shy to say anything about it. I took my water and got back to work.
That night, after moving everything in, I went back to her window. She was going through the same motions as the evening before. Cleaning, straightening, getting the house together in preparation for the next day. I also watched as she took a phone call. It was clear that it was hubby and he wasn’t going to be home for a while.
I walked around to the front of the house. I was practically shaking. I had my water bottle in hand. I shyly knocked on the door and stood there waiting. I almost turned to walk away when the door slowly opened and it was her, wearing just her t-shirt. I knew she had nothing else on. It took everything in my to keep my cock under control. I shook the water bottle and she asked me if I needed more. I said yes and we made the trip into the kitchen again. She made a comment about filling me up. I so wanted to to tell her how much I wanted to fill her up. And then, through the small talk, I heard these words, “So you want to use my shower?”
My hands about slipped off the counter I was leaning against. “Sure” was the only word I could muster. And then told her I had to run home to grab a few things.
I walked out of her house and immediately ran around to her bedroom. I could see her picking up the bathroom and laying out a towel and things for me. I ran to my house, took my underwear off again and wore the loosest shorts I had. I left my shirt off, grabbed some body wash and a towel and headed back over there. Was this really happening?
She showed me into the bedroom and gave me a quick tour of the bathroom, then let me know she would be in the living room. She shut the bathroom door as she left and there I was, standing in this woman’s bathroom. I could see some of her panties and bras left out. I dropped my shorts and picked up a pair of panties out of the drawer. I ran the back and forth on my cock. I imagined her breasts filling the cups of the bras left on the counter. I pushed the bathroom door open again so if she came in she knew she was invited. I turned the shower on and stepped in. I took her shampoo and washed my hair. I lathered up with her body wash and stroked my cock until it was as hard as could be. I used her razor to shave my cock and balls. I stood there and let the water hit me while I built up the courage to do what I had in mind.

I turned the shower off and stepped back out into her bathroom. I picked up the towel she had for me and dried off, then walked out into the bedroom. I could hear here moving around out there. My heart was pounding. My cock was hard. My hand were shaking. I knew she was attracted to me, but that didn’t mean she would cheat on her husband with me. I took a chance. “Um, G?” I mumbled. I stood there next to her bed. My hand slowly stroking my cock. She appeared in her bedroom door and just stared at me. Her mouth wide open. Before I knew it she was standing in front of me. We kissed, deeply and passionately. She pushed me back on the bed, dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I fell back on the bed and looked back at her window, happy to be on this side of it. She sucked me and licked my balls. She went crazy. I sat back up and pulled her back onto her feet. She was naked now, I don’t even recall her taking off her shirt. I grabbed her breasts and massaged them under my hands. I sucked on her nipples and licked up the center of her chest between her tits. I lightly bit her nipples. Her body was moving all over the place. Her head moved back and forth. Her hair fell all around us.

She pushed me back and took my cock deep into her mouth again. I could feel the orgasm building inside me. I wasn’t sure if she liked to swallow or not. I hoped so. I told her I was about to cum and she sucked harder. I held onto the orgasm as long as I possibly could. My back arched. My eyes clinched shut. My hands holding onto the bed spread. I couldn’t hold onto it anymore. I shot my cum into her mouth as by body fell back on the bed. My hips moving back and forth. She kept sucking hard. I kept shooting more and more cum into her mouth. She must be swallowing it, I thought, because there was no way she could hold all of it in her mouth.

Just as the orgasm passed we heard a car door. “Shit” she said. “It’s my husband.” She ran to great him at the door. I picked up my shorts, towel and body wash, opened the window and slid out into the back yard. I stood there for a moment as I put my shorts back on. I watched as she pulled him into the bedroom and began kissing him. I smiled knowing that was my cum in her mouth and went back to my new home.
This was going to be a great place to live.

11 thoughts on “Moving In

  1. Who wouldn’t like a neighbor like this……oh to ponder the possibilites

  2. Makes “Melrose Place” look like a convent!

  3. Have you read this recently? I am sitting in my backyard, wishing this story were true. Thanks for inspiring me to write it.

    • I still think of this story from time to time but I haven’t made the time to go back and read any posts.

      • Read it for me, please. šŸ™‚

        • So sexy, I’m almost turned on! There was a time that I could almost get off on just reading that. That was a fun period of time, but now I feel really guilty about ever thinking of cheating. I think getting caught with this blog and other things that seem so innocent now but were huge then, it all ruined me for sex for a while.

          • I can relate. Though my actions in reality have changed, the idea still turns me on.

            Try this plot twist, hubby and the neighbor were in cohoots the whole time and even filmed it so you and hubby could watch it together later.

            • That helps! A lot. šŸ™‚

              I knew that you could relate a bit, having spoken to you before about that draw to someone but knowing how wrong it is to act on the impulses. …

            • Yep. Hubby wanted you to blow the neighbor, and can’t wait to kiss you and taste his fresh cum in your mouth.

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