filled and fooled


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She sighed and put her phone down. The sauce popped and sizzled so she ran to stir it swiftly, saving it, but just barely. She leaned back against the sink and twiddled an escaped lock of her chestnut hair and sighed again. This feeling, a maddening dread mixed with guilt, jealousy, and hurt feelings, I cant do this anymore, she thought. She picked up her phone again, the notification a new text vibrated her hand and her core jumped.

Of course she still wished it was him. He was her first and had proven to be unforgettable on several occasions. There was nothing she wouldn’t have done for him. She lived her life to be unforgettable to him. She had laid a trap for an innocent boy, but the man in him emerged then hunted and trapped her. She melted in the thought as she saved the sauce a second time.

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