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Naughty Daddy!


I’m one of those moms that enjoys being outdoors with the little ones, enjoying nature, sunshine, and especially social interaction. I find that if we stick around the house too much I’m tempted to lock myself away periodically to bring myself to orgasm. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just feel a little bad when I come out basking in my afterglow and immediately find permanent markers have been used to refinish our furniture, again. So we go out, and stay out as long as we can handle.  Within a year of living here I have been able to establish a few different tight groups of hot mommy friends. They are all prudes though, I learned the hard way after a bottle of wine on a mom’s night out. But this story isn’t about my friends or that crazy night (I know the way you men think!)  I love my friends because our kids get along; play together in big groups and it’s easier to be a mom when you are chatting about mundane shit as you watch your kids across the playground.

Then one day, Dan showed up and within weeks he had worked his way into our mommy-clique. His steel blue eyes caught my attention on our first meeting, they were wild, free and infinitely deep. A stay-at-home-dad, his kid was crazy, but Dan kept it together like no parent I’ve seen before. On top of that, he could cook and he liked to share the products of his kitchen experimentations. It was evident he was a very masculine I-can-fix-all-that-is-broken kind of man. His wife was nice, sort of pretty, and secretly envied by me.

A few months ago at our favorite park the kids were engaged in a heated game in which they ran and played from corner to corner of the 2-acre park. The mommies sat on blankets on our perch in the middle of the park. My little one wasn’t quite ready to join the play with the bigger kids so I walked behind, waiting to be needed.  As he had become accustomed to doing, Dan joined me on my guard. We always had such a good conversation when we got together; it was just easy to talk to him.

On this day I had a huge realization as he followed us closely into a more private part of the park. As we rounded a corner and found ourselves alone, my child slightly ahead, I turned to look at him, and saw something I had never noticed in his eyes before. This longing glance, a hopeful expression wrapped in confusion, and he held his hands clenched at his side. He thought I was beautiful, I could tell. He was thinking about taking me against the wall behind me, I could tell. I took a deep breath in and smiled, taking two steps back and held my breath for a moment as I leaned against the wall. I was now out of view of the little one and anyone else who might wander into the area. Dan smiled and took three steps forward, releasing the tension in his hands as he put them on my hips. I could almost hear his heart beating, or it could have been mine. He was now looking into my eyes and I could feel his breath as his lips reached mine. We kissed for a brief moment, and pulled apart laughing nervously.

We walked toward the kids, not talking at all. Every few steps we glanced at each other and smiled or giggled, both of us flush-faced and guilty-looking, aroused and ready to part ways to process what just happened. I gave my kids the 5-minute warning and sat on the blanket next to my friend and her newborn. Dan went to gather his stuff. Two minutes later get a text from him and I see him peeking out watching me read it, “let’s drop the kids off at Playfarm tomorrow and …”

I giggled that he couldn’t even text it. Not much of a turn-on. I like a man who can tell me what he wants to do to me, not be afraid of turning me off or scaring me off. But the sexual tension still so high, he could have texted me anything and it would be on.  I wrote back, “and…tell me what you want to do to me Dan. I want to fuck you like I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone before.” And then I sent a second text, “tomorrow, 9:00am, lets go for it”.

That night I had amazing uninhibited sex with my husband. Our passion ignited further by my thoughts of what tomorrow will bring. Imagining it was Dan, I blew my husband with a frenzied passion, taking breaks to look him in the eyes and beg him to shoot it all over my face and tits. After he did as I begged, and tenderly wiped me up, he fucked me hard with our big dildo, making me scream and drench it. When he started telling me to imagine it was the last guy we had a threesome with, I came so hard that he had to work hard to keep it in me. Finally, he saw he wouldn’t be able to pull any more orgasms out of me, I was spent. Then he dove down on my pussy and lapped up my juices and sucked on my clit, which sent me into my final dizzying orgasm. Not long afterward, I drifted into a cum-coma with a smile.

I woke up that morning, showered and dressed as I would normally in a tight top and long flowing skirt, except I chose to wear no underwear. Kissed my husband goodbye after preparing his breakfast and packed his lunch. I packed some snacks and extra clothes for the kids and we headed out to their favorite place to get babysat. They were excited, but not as excited as me. I started having a hard time imagining just what would happen today. I had cheated and fucked other guys before, but not Dan, not a “friend” and part of my mommy-clique. Would it be different? What if he decided not to go through with it?

I pulled up and saw Dan waving at us as he left the building and walked toward his car. I hustled the kids in and filled out the drop off forms. I received a text from Dan, “waiting in my van”. Oh shit I forgot about the swagger wagon, ha ha, it really was on. I said my goodbyes and headed out the door. I ran up to Dan in his car and told him to follow me around the corner. I parked my car in a safe place and hopped in the front seat of his van. We looked at each other and laughed. I checked out the back of the van to see he had shifted the seats around. It would be OK for a quickie, but not really what I envisioned for this first fuck session. I told him to drive to the canyon and we set off.

As he drove I reached over and felt his package for the first time, and was pleased with his size and stiffness. Where we were going wasn’t far, soon we pulled off the road and found a shaded and secluded parking spot. We both hastily ducked to the back of the van. Still on our knees we kissed, and our tongues met, and then our teeth met (ouch, not good), and I realized that we were both so hot for each other we couldn’t even balance.  We held on tight and explored mouths, necks, ears, and I tore my shirt off.  He sat and I straddled his lap, looking into his blue eyes again. He said, “I have wanted this for so long, I may not last long”. I smiled knowingly, nodded, and kissed him gently.

“I have wanted this for so long too, I didn’t know how you felt. I know we are both married but I couldn’t keep going on as your friend unless I could find out what it felt like to have you in this way.” I said and then dove back down onto his mouth, kissing him deeply. His hands on my tits felt so good, and he soon broke from our kiss to kiss and tease my nipples. I could tell he was really excited to finally be able to touch them, tongue them, and bite them. I’m sure he was curious about how they tasted as I am still breastfeeding. His delighted moans made me so excited that I started gyrating my hips on him, feeling his hard member pressing up against my wet and ready pussy. My hands worked their way down and found his shaft, and I sneakily pushed him forward and the head met my pussy entrance. I looked at him and mouthed, “I want you in me” and with that, I thrust myself onto him and he filled me deep. We both let out and “aahahaahh” and started fucking furiously. Me riding him first, but soon he grabbed my hips and started fucking me fast and hard from below. I gripped his cock with my cunt and found the orgasm welling up in me. I could tell he was getting close by the pitch of his moan and the speed increase. I was warming, and my clit was swelling. He thrust a few more times and growled that he was going to cum. I pushed down on him once more and pulled off right as he shot his load at my pussy. Pulling him out made me cum so hard I screamed “OH FUCK” as I collapsed next to him. We laid there panting for a while, caressing naked bodies. When I found his lips to my nipple again, I had another small orgasm, which made him excited to try fingering me to another one. I joked that we had done things a little backwards, but jokes aside he made me cum another three times by flicking my clit and fingering my wet and used pussy. I’m sure he was having fun playing with his creamy load dripping off my pussy and legs, and I enjoyed it immensely too.
We pulled our clothes on and opened the van door, laying snuggled together we enjoyed the view and fresh air for a few moments and discussed our plans for next time.

10 thoughts on “Naughty Daddy!

  1. Dammit! I was thrilled at the thought this might be true! You TEASE! Lol! But I totally understand why you didn’t pursue it any further. That would be a little too close to home for my liking.

  2. I love how you describe that first moment you two kiss at the park. Of all the relationships in my life, I have found those first nervous moments more of a high than any drug.

    Fantasy or not, I suspect many of the prude hot mommies are not as prude as you think. You women all have your naughty secrets.

  3. Great story and I was SO hoping it was true. But at least you have another story for the old spank bank!

  4. Hi, wow for some reason I don’t see any of my replies. Thank you so much. I agree, a kiss just eats away at my core and turns me to mush if its good enough, but at that stage it usually isn’t. Funny how it can be hot even when it bumbling.

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  6. Not sure how I landed on this one, but I love it, and I had to laugh when reading how most of it was imagined. Sounds like something I would write. 🙂

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