filled and fooled


10 thoughts on “when i think about you

  1. I just started following you a day ago, and already glad I did!

  2. A picture really is worth a thousand words…

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  4. I love that you made it black and white… love your perky nipples.

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  6. Me again (no need to reply, I’m just sharing). So I had to see what pic you posted that made you horny (see her next post/comments, anyone else reading), and I presume it was this one. Makes me horny too, I so love your nipples! (Yes, I’m sure you’re a well rounded sex goddess, but lets take a moment again to just stare at this photo, and your header pic – mmmmmm).
    If you ever succumb to all the requests for a video, then look no further. A bit of selfshot nipple play on the cellphone should do the trick….

    • Seriously I never thought of making a video of me playing with my nipples. I will do it soon, hope I can figure out how to post it!

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