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Fantasy: Hey Neighbor!!


It had been a long day and I was glad to get home. After story time the boys and I joined friends at the park for a picnic and play, as we do every Tuesday.  I had sat in the sun too long chatting; my cheeks and chest held a rosy glow. As soon as we got home I peeled off my bra and rubbed my skin with some coconut oil. It cooled me and smelled so nice. I wanted to lay down on the bed, look up at the fan and relax for a moment, but I had to make dinner. As I got up I heard a loud noise next door, it was the opening of a U-haul truck. Damn, new neighbors, guess I might have to stop walking around in just my underwear outside, as I know you can see through the fence.

I went to the kitchen to start prepping, and caught a quick glance of a gorgeous (young) man hurriedly carrying boxes into the house. He had brown hair, and what looked like gorgeous brown eyes. Something about the way he carried himself, and those boxes, made me hope that he wasn’t just helping the neighbors move in.  I went about my business, making dinner and setting the table. The kids were enjoying themselves outside. My doorbell rang. It was him.

“Hi, I’m Chase. I’m moving in next door and the landlord didn’t turn on our water yet. I was wondering if I could fill up my water bottle.” My mouth dropped but I worked quickly to compose myself. After having an old lesbian couple living next door, and knowing about how this city draws the hottest men from around the United States (but they never seem to live in my quiet neighborhood), I felt like I had possibly won the largest lotto jackpot yet. I pushed that thought away quickly and invited him in. We walked to the kitchen; he remarked how our houses look the same, just the opposite. We both laughed and I saw his face turn red a little. I thought it was so cute, and that made my face red. It was then that I realized that I was braless, and my shirt wasn’t hiding the fact my nipples were jutting out about a half inch from where my breasts curved in. My face turned a deeper red and I quickly folded my arms under my tits, pushed them out a little, and took a deep breath in. Better, he might notice them but at least they look good, I thought to myself.

I filled his water bottle; he thanked me and went back to work. As he walked out the front door I leaned against the counter, a bit dazed, then took a big drink of water. Some of it poured down my chest between my titties. I laughed as I thought I should just take my shirt off, my new neighbor had made me feel naughty within minutes of meeting him.  He was working and I was supposed to be cooking dinner but my thoughts ran wild for a few wonderful moments. Just then my husband called and told me he decided that he was just going to do dinner at his friend’s house before poker. Reluctantly, I agreed. After a long day with the kids the last thing I wanted was to be solely responsible for the rest of the night.  As we talked I could hear the crashing sound of the dolly being run off the U-haul ramp, and laughter.

After an uneventful evening, the kids tucked into bed nicely, which gave me a chance to take my shower, shave, and then apply my lotion. As I was braiding my hair I heard a soft knock at the door. Hmmm, interesting someone would knock like that, at this time.  It was my new neighbor. Again, I have no bra and now no makeup with my hair all pulled back and wearing my pajamas.  I didn’t want to get the door, but I knew he could see me through the glass. So I got up and opened the door. Chase said, “I’m so sorry if we were noisy today, did you put your kids to bed OK? They are pretty cute, I saw them playing outside.” I noticed he had a water bottle in his hand and I realized he was just making small talk and probably wanted me to fill him up again.

I said, “thank you, they are cute at times. Did you get all moved in? I see the water bottle there, so no water huh?”  He shrugged and nodded yes. I felt warmth starting in my pelvis like I’ve never had before as he followed me to the kitchen and leaned against the counter. I didn’t notice how muscular he was, and just how handsome his face was. When he smiled there was such a mysterious and playful twinkle in his eyes. I know my nipples got hard just then, because he glanced down. I couldn’t help but touch my shirt, feel how obvious it looked. I saw him see me, which made my heart race, and electricity and tingles shot through my pussy, I could feel my pussy getting wet.  “So, some water, here, let me fill you up.” Then I giggled thinking how much I’d like him to fill me up. I looked back over my shoulder to see him still looking at me, almost an animalistic way about his gaze.

“So, um, do you want to use my shower?” I asked to break the gaze and my increasing pussy tension. It had been over 100 today and I knew he must be so tired, hot, sweaty, and damn I just wanted a chance to sneak a peek at his body. I knew that was a loaded question, which could be giving him the idea I wanted more (which I did, but I would never admit because I’m a married woman after all).  I smiled coyly, trying to diffuse the tension that seemed to last forever. “Sure!” he said.

He ran back to his place to get some clothes, and I quickly picked up things from the bathroom, and my bedroom, leaving a few bras in plain sight, some lacy underwear peeking from my drawer. Details I notice, that I’m sure men don’t, but it made me feel like such a bad girl, which I love. I heard him get back to the front door and I jogged over to open it for him. He was shirtless, how interesting I thought. I invited him in and showed him to my bathroom. I told him I would be in the living room, but I set a towel out, and a new bar of soap next to the shower. I walked out.

It was amazingly hard to sit on the couch without burying my fingers in my pussy. Thinking about who was in my shower and how he must have looked just sent me over the edge.  I wanted to go peek, ask him if I could help him with anything, but I had to be good. I had to live next to him for a long while so I would hate for him to be scared of the horny mommy next door. But then I heard, “um, G?” I walked back and saw him naked, standing at the foot of my bed. My mouth dropped, I did not know what to say, but oh my fucking god all my prayers have been answered. There stood before me was the most amazing cock I have ever seen. The head, perfectly round, soft, luscious and pink. The shaft, long and hard, smooth and looking. I wanted to engulf it with my mouth, what the fuck was happening here? How did I get here?

He gave me a shy look and sat on the bed. I went to him and kissed him passionately. He rubbed my ass as I bent to kiss him. I stood up and took off my shirt, and pushed my titties into his face. My heavy breasts eye-level to him, he looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and I pushed my left breast to his lips.  Without hesitation put his lips on my nipple, and sucked it into his mouth with eagerness.    He suckled and pulled and I moaned.  He opened his eyes and looked at me.  I closed my eyes and pulled his head into me, caressed his neck. “I want to suck you,” I murmured.

I grabbed his cock, and held it tight. I could fit both my hands on the shaft with around three inches left over. I lowered to my knees so I could marvel at his manhood. I stroked it gently and reached down to touch his balls, my breath hot and so near. I spit on the head of his penis, and he moaned.  I spread the saliva out over the head and spread it down. He moaned more and leaned back so he was lying on the bed. His cock rose to attention and I climbed up to be at his side.  His arousal caused me to get so wet I could feel it trickle down my legs.  He fucked my face as I lapped and sucked, I became lost in Lustland. For an eternity, or what seemed like it, I held suction, I pushed back and I rode his cock with my mouth, I pulled out all my tricks. Finally he exploded; he filled my mouth with his amazing and tasty cum.

And then I heard the car pull up and the driver’s door shut. I quickly threw on my pjs and ran to the living room to see the door open. My husband walked through with a disdained look on his face. “Didn’t win tonight honey?” I asked. As I hugged him I saw my new neighbor slip out through the garage.

11 thoughts on “Fantasy: Hey Neighbor!!

  1. Wow. What a story!

  2. Loved it – great story. For those of us married guys who get off on naughty wives, it would be nice to read a part two of this story where you describe kissing your unsuspecting husband even though you’ve just had another man cum in your mouth. Maybe one time, the neighbor fills you before your husband comes home and he is the unsuspecting recipient of a sloppy seconds… Of course, I guess those are my fantasies, maybe not yours.

    • Request taken, part two coming soon.

      And the sloppy seconds, fuck that gets me going, last week I had bt2 fill me up in the morning and then hubby came home for lunch and filled me up again. Since hubby is kinky, I made him fuck me with the dildo after cumming in me, then suck it. I will write more later on this.

  3. Came to this earlier today. Thank you.

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  5. hot hot story!
    more please…

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