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Cum here often? (WARNING: Not for prudes or youngens)


This was written yesterday but I felt a bit too shy to share it. I’m just going to go for it. Keep in mind I never got good grades in English, I’ve never been able to express myself (in writing or otherwise I guess).

I just got done having the best orgasm. I was thinking about how I started this blog and even though I know nothing about wordpress stats, I know at least one person was looking at my boobs. And when I publish this, there is a good chance somebody is going to read what I just did to get myself off.  Hot! It makes me want to do it all over again.

(thump thump, pulse starts racing)

I noticed I was going to have an uninterrupted moment so I ran (really) to my bedroom, grabbed the big dildo and the bullet vibrator. I need a real vibrator, this thing is a joke.  I give it a try anyway, I lay back on my bed, spread my legs a bit (I am wearing a skirt), pulled my panties to the side, and plunged the dildo into myself. No lube needed. I rubbed my nipple, my left one to be exact. I kept the dildo still while I positioned my tools properly. I sandwiched my clit between the tip of the vibrator and the dildo and gave light pressure as I switched it on.  After a few seconds of focusing on that sensation I started moving the dildo in and out.  Pulling it out took away the build-up instantaneously but each time I put it back in the sensation felt better than before. I pushed the tip of the vibrator against my clit, hard, envisioning it tickling the g-spot from the outside (if that was possible). I felt my orgasm building, my cheeks flush, I clench my eyes shut, as I feel a flush of warmth to my lower belly, twitches of pain/pleasure shoot through my pussy. I hear the dildo moving in and out, so wet, I hear myself getting so drenched, I fuck myself hard and fast. I switch hands without missing a beat. Then the pulsing, tightening, pushing, letting go, “fucking cumming!!!!” sensation hits me, and I feel release. I take the dildo out carefully, giving myself another small orgasm as the pressure leaves my body, another release. Ahhhhh, peace.

And about ten minutes later, I want more. I guess I can’t ever feel full.

45 thoughts on “Cum here often? (WARNING: Not for prudes or youngens)

  1. I suspect my wife does this from time to time while I’m at work. Sometimes you just gotta have that release!

    • Get her a real vibrator if she doesn’t have one already, she will be able to get even more done throughout the day! At least that’s my excuse for wanting one. A clear mind so I can go ahead and finish polishing our silver and shining his shoes, ironing his shirts and baking pies…He isn’t buying it though (literally) so I make due, and his shirts stay wrinkled.
      Yes, just have to release, from hour to hour (oops I mean from time to time).

  2. Thanks for sharing. You want to know what I did after reading your fantasy about your neighbor last night?

    Email me.

  3. I know what u mean about always wanting more! Your muff never feels full, my balls never feel empty!

  4. Get a Hitachi magicwand your clit will be forever in your gratitude.
    Really !! That first meeting would be a post I would look forward to reading. Yes nice boobs too. 😉

  5. Love it! You made me want to give myself a good one 😉 i just got rejected by the husband before he had to go to work :/ guess I’ll just have to do it myself!!!!!!!!!

  6. After reading you, I just HAD to grab my fav. Dildo and go to town!!!

  7. I love the thought of somebody masturbating to my stories. It always makes me so happy when someone lets me know they did.

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  9. Reblogged this on filledandfooled and commented:

    One of my first posts. Not much has changed.

  10. I swear i read every word but mother of Mary and Joseph woman I am loving, loving, the new header image… as if that doesn’t want to get people off on its own your words certain will!

  11. Since you originally wrote this last year, did you ever get that real vibrator you said you needed? I think it is so cool when women masturbate… and simply because they can!

  12. Now I’m laying in bed by myself and feel the familiar swell of horniness growing. Guess I’ll use your blog as a tool and give myself my own little pleasure. 😉

  13. You’ve left sooo many wet and happy!

  14. Today’s post linked to this post, and its made me horny, so I shall pleasure myself in your honor. (Oh, imagine if we had a clip to watch? Sigh) (men are such visual creatures).
    BTW – at the start of this story you never mentioned what it was that set YOU. off. What made you so horny that you had to race up the stairs…?

    • That is a great question. Wait, no I did say didn’t I? I think it actually was the thrill of posting my first pics the day before. I was thinking about a random stranger jerking off to my titties. So now that I’m thinking about you pleasuring yourself in my honor I’m going to have to go again! Sigh, I’m never getting these dishes done. 😉

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