filled and fooled


how far is too far?


I told myself at the beginning of my awakening that I am just tired of being seen as good to everyone. Maybe I equated good with boring. Bad is exciting, young, free, happy.

Yet here I am, ready to post about my life, putting it all out there and now I am worried about being seen as bad. Some person I don’t know or need the acceptance of, I actually do need the acceptance of…  I wrote about masturbating this morning, but I didn’t want someone to read it and be offended or disgusted.

Perhaps its time to set my limits, ask myself what my husband would do if he found out I ______. (insert bad behavior) I think this blog is going to help my balance. I can talk about the naughty and avoid doing it. Time will tell I guess.

4 thoughts on “how far is too far?

  1. I’m looking forward to reading more about your journey! I think we have a lot in common…

  2. Good luck finding that balance…

  3. I think using this blog will help you out as well as talking to people with like minds. 🙂

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